30 Amazing Dog And Puppy Facts To Share With Kids [PICTURES]

An 8 year old girl with down syndrome reading in the library, sitting next to a therapy dog and trainer, a mature woman in her 50s. The goldendoodle is trained as a reading assistance dog. The child is smiling as she holds the book up for the dog to read.

(Picture Credit: kali9/Getty Images)

January is Brain Teaser Month! It’s a great month to tease your brain with some new, interesting, and obscure facts about dogs, and you can quiz your friends and family. Kids especially love learning random trivia, so this is sure to be a fun month for them, too.

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to learn fascinating tidbits about canines. If you want to bring home a new furry pal, you’ll be glad for every bit of information you know that could help you and your kids care for the new pup.

Honestly, though, you don’t really need a reason to learn new things. It’s just fun to know stuff about dogs, and kids understand that better than anyone. Happy Brain Teaser Month!

Kids who show an interest in dogs should absolutely start learning about them at a young age. They’re more likely to continue their love of canines well into adulthood. Then, we’ll have a whole new generation of dog lovers to help us keep pups out of the shelters and in forever homes where they belong!

Do you know any fun, interesting dog or puppy facts that we didn’t include? What’s your favorite dog fact? Please share in the comments below!

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