Puppy hates crate?


What if my puppy doesn’t like his crate?


You can easily teach puppies to love their crates. Here’s how: Stuff a couple of hollow chew toys with kibble and a few treats. Let your puppy sniff the chew toys and then put them in the crate and shut the door with your puppy on the outside. Usually it takes just a few seconds for the puppy to beg you to let him inside. Every time your pup’s in the crate, make sure he’s got stuffed chew toys to keep him entertained.

For adult dogs who may never have been in a crate before, it’s best to give them a week to get used to the crate before confining them in it, if possible. To lure your dog into the crate, tell him, “Go to your crate,” and toss a treat inside. At first, don’t close the door behind him. Once your dog is willingly going into the crate, ask him to lie down for a few seconds before offering the treat. Spend some time sitting by the crate, talking to the dog, and petting him when he’s inside. In addition, only let your adult dog chew bones when he’s in the crate.

To foster your dog’s love for his crate, you can also feed him his meals in the crate during this period of adjustment, or even permanently.

Once he’s convinced that the crate isn’t a bad place, the door may be closed for a few minutes with the dog inside. At first, stay in the same room, praising the dog and offering occasional treats. Gradually increase the periods of time the dog is closed in the crate and begin to leave him alone in the room.

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