Dog Crate Training

  • Why Do I Need A Crate For Housetraining?

    Why Do I Need A Crate For Housetraining?

    Some people don't like the idea of crates, but remember, they're only a temporary training measure. Why do I need a crate to housetrain?

  • Dog Marking & House Soiling

    Dog Marking & House Soiling

    Dog marking and house soiling may smell the same, but they are two entirely different things. Learn the difference as well as how to treat and prevent both behaviors.

  • Dog Crate Training

    Dog Crate Training

    Crates are great for house training and separation anxiety. Learn what to look for when choosing a crate and the secrets to successful dog crate training.

  • Transitioning dog from crate training

    Transitioning dog from crate training

    Question: How do you know when your dog no longer needs her crate for housetraining? Answer: When you transition your dog from long stretches inside her crate to extended periods outside her crate, do so gradually. Many people make the mistake of immediately offering the dog free reign of the house–and then are surprised to […]

  • Crate training

    Crate training

    Question: Are crates necessary for housebreaking a puppy? Answer: The main purpose crate training serves is to limit your puppy’s space indoors when you can’t watch or supervise her. Some people find crates unappealing or feel they have a jail-like atmosphere, but dogs, by nature, are denning animals. The truth is that they usually take […]

  • Paper training?

    Paper training?

    Question: Do you recommend paper training? Answer: I prefer not to paper train puppies–taking them out regularly is a better option. But let’s be realistic. Many people work long hours and can’t always get home several times a day to take out their dog. Sometimes extenuating circumstances simply make it very difficult to make frequent […]

  • Understanding urine-marking

    Understanding urine-marking

    Help your dog see it's already his territory

  • Housetraining basics

    Housetraining basics

    Dogs will instinctively eliminate away from the areas where they sleep or eat. This instinct, however, will not stop a dog from going in the house. There can be many reasons for this: A medical issue or certain medications may cause a dog to lose control. Puppies (and some adult dogs) lack the control and/or […]

  • Puppy hates crate?

    Puppy hates crate?

    Question: What if my puppy doesn’t like his crate? Answer: You can easily teach puppies to love their crates. Here’s how: Stuff a couple of hollow chew toys with kibble and a few treats. Let your puppy sniff the chew toys and then put them in the crate and shut the door with your puppy […]

  • Dog doesn’t like crate

    Dog doesn’t like crate

    Question: What if I don’t like putting my dog in a crate? Answer: Crate confinement is a temporary training measure and it’s the best way to teach your dog three-step housetraining, where to eliminate, and what to chew. Once your pup has learned those lessons he may be given free run of the house and […]