DogTime Review: Omega Paw 3 Ingredient Bone Chews For Dogs

Omega Paws 3 Ingredient Bone

(Picture Credit: Julia)

How many times have you given your dog a treat, only to have them devour it in seconds and bring the joy of snacking to a quick end? For my 22-pound pup, Sara, the answer is: often. So I was happy Omega Paw sent me their 3 Ingredient Bone dog chews for my pup to try.

Treats are treats, and we love them all, even the quickly devoured treats. And that’s what I was expecting. A little treat for Sara to gobble up, and then her begging for another.

Sarah gets a treat

(Picture Credit: Julia)

However, these Omega Paw treats are different. They took longer than expected for Sara to eat up.

How Long Did It Take Sara To Chew An Omega Bone?

Sara eats a treat

(Picture Credit: Julia

Over the next several weeks, I gave Sara one Omega Paw chew every few days and watched the clock to see how long they would take her to finish off.

A new Omega Paw 3 Ingredient Bone takes Sara anywhere between 8 and 15 minutes to eat. 

My dog loves playing with chew toys and she loves eating. These bones combine her two favorite activities.

For Pups Who Love To Chew

Chewing can relieve boredom and anxiety. It can be a very positive activity for a dog, as long as they’re not chewing slippers or the Mac cord.

I’m always looking for new chews for my doggies. They love bully sticks but, like anyone, they need variety. This is the first chew bone treat I’ve found, that has taken her so long to chew.

Another plus is that the bones contain only 3 ingredients. Chicken meal, sweet potato and quinoa.

I think Sara really enjoyed the treats, but lets ask her. Sara, what did you think of those chew bones?

Sara relaxes after her treat.

(Picture Credit: Julia)

This is what a satisfied customer looks like. (That’s a picture of Sara, right after finishing an Omega Paw bone.)

What Do I Like About The 3 Ingredient Bones

  • They take my dog a while to chew.
  • They contain only 3 ingredients.
  • Sara loved them!

Would I Buy Them

  • Definitely!

My Suggestions

  • I would love it if they made them in beef as well or another protein. One of my dogs has chicken allergies. I hope they have more flavors in the future.

At the moment, Omega Paw 3 Ingredient chews are sold exclusively in Southern California Costco. They will be made available on their website very soon.

You can find more OMEGA PAW supplies here until then.

Have you found dog chews that take your dog a while to eat? If so please let me know what kind in the comments below, so that my dog can try them out.

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The writer of this review received no financial compensation from Omega Paw for any opinions expressed in this article.