Grass Fed Angus Dog Treats by Free Range Dog Chews

Pet Product Review – Grass Fed Angus Dog Treats by Free Range Dog Chews

Free Range Dog Chews

Grass Fed Angus Dog Treats

We always enjoy receiving healthy treats for the panel to review! Thanks to the good folks at Free Range Dog Chews for sending us a sample of the Achilles Tendon Springs from their new Grass Fed Angus Dog Treats line!

JoeyPanel member, Joey, was instructed to go slow and explore the corkscrew treat’s texture and taste while I monitored his drool-flow output levels. He sniffed, then chewed, then mauled the treat with such passion, I fully expected to see a tear of joy trickle down his muzzle. With his energy level spent and realizing that his very best pleading, soulful looks would not win him another treat, he clocked-out, rolled over and proceeded to snore. If it’s not clear to my readers, that is a solid 5 paw rating from Joey!
Free Range Dog Chews are 100% natural and they, “…come from beef cattle humanely raised in the pastures of Argentina where nature provides the perfect all-natural grass diet.” These dehydrated treats also contain, “…no added hormones, antibiotics, animal by-products, steroids, or preservatives, and present no risk of “mad cow” disease.” The Angus line also offers odor-free bully sticks, braided steer sticks, lung, Paddywack, cow tails, tripe springs and twists; and beef trachea.
You can visit the Free Range website’s Store Locator page to find a retailer near you. They also carry a nice selection of Free Range products online at ranging in price from about $6 to $30 depending on the treat and package size.

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