Books, cards, keepsakes: Holiday Gift Guide 2010

From the Merry Memories Files: gifts and cards that capture our favorite images of the year.

Critter Carols

An online holiday card you can send as is, or personalize with your own companion animals. It’s the perfect — and personal — way to reach out to all your family and friends this season without having to stuff Spot into a Santa hat. Don’t forget to send one to yourself — you can’t beat the price.

Deaf Dogs Photo Book

In Melissa McDaniel’s moving tribute to her deaf dog Sadie, each stunning portrait is more poignant than the next. This book is for anyone who has loved a special needs dog — and for everyone who sees the vulnerability and triumph in us all.


Paw Stocking

A special moment in every dog, cat, or ferret’s life: The day he sees his very own stocking hanging from the mantle. (It comes with a special pen to personalize with your pet’s name.) Order your from the ASPCA — the profits, as you know, go to an excellent cause.

Hector Ornament

For former Vick dogs, each day is a gift, so all the more reason to make them a part of your holiday season. Hector, once forced to fight, now visits schools promoting humane education. Isn’t that what peace on earth is all about?

Photobooth Dogs

Beautiful dogs, exquisite photos in one delicious book from BARK magazine’s Cameron Woo. It’s a lovely gift for the dog lover with a retro bent, as some of the photos are nearly 80 years. But the recipient need not have an eye for photography, the great bond between canine and human shines through no matter what your aesthetic.