Best Dog Shampoo: Mauro Pet Care Line

(Photo Credit: Mauro Pet Care)

(Photo Credit: Mauro Pet Care)

If you are looking for a quality line of cruelty free, shampoos and conditioners for your dog, I found a great one. It’s all natural, very safe, and called Mauro Pet Care products.

My favorite aspect of the company is that they don’t test on animals. The products are tested on humans! I absolutely love that. My dogs are members of my family. If it’s good enough for a human, it’s good enough for my pups.

I use the shampoo and leave-in, conditioner on my two small dogs.  

My short haired lab mix gets a bath every other month or so, but my Shih Tzu needs more frequent baths and brushings, between trips to the groomer. I’ve tried a lot of pet shampoos because of my Shih Tzu’s sensitive skin and coat. He’s allergic to many things and the wrong shampoo will keep him up all night scratching…which means I’ll be up all night listening to him scratching. A friend recommended Mauro and I thought I’d give it a try.


As soon as I started using Mauro’s shampoo and spray conditioner, I noticed that my Shih Tzu’s fur is as soft and shiny as it was when he was a puppy. He’s almost ten! There’s no scratching or sleepless nights. It’s the shampoo I’ve been looking for so I thought I’d share it with you.

If you have a dog that is sensitive, like mine, you should check out the Mauro Pet Care line and see if it’s right for you.

They also sponsor and support local charities. That gets a thumbs up in my book and if you like them on Facebook, you’ll get a coupon code for free shipping on your next order.