World’s Most Amazing Dog Competition: Share Your Dog For A Good Cause!

World's Most Amazing Dog Competition

(Image Credit: Worlds Most Amazing Dog Competition/The Pet Lady)

What’s better than having the most amazing dog in the world? Showing off your amazing pooch to everyone while helping other dogs in need, of course!

If you think your pup is really, truly, awesomely special, check out the World’s Most Amazing Dog competition, going on now on Facebook. The World’s Most Amazing Dog competition is described as an “American Idol meets Westminster Dog Show” style contest. You can upload a video of your pooch doing something spectacular and prove that you have the most amazing dog in the world!

For every entry in the competition, Facebook will donate $1 to participating animal charities, up to $1 Million total!

The best part is that your video will help other dogs in need, regardless of whether or not your pup wins. For every entry in the competition, Facebook will donate $1 to participating animal charities, up to $1M total. And if that wasn’t enough, the winner of the competition will get a chance to compete on the show for a grand prize of $100K!

How To Prove Your Dog Is The World’s Most Amazing Dog

The requirements for entry are nothing outlandish, so don’t worry if your pet isn’t quite capable of pulling death-defying stunts. In fact, we would discourage this here at DogTime–money is nice, but don’t put your fur kids at risk of hurting themselves or others.

To enter, download and update the Facebook mobile app, go to the World’s Most Amazing Dog page, and tap the Audition button. You’ll be able to upload a video or record your dog directly, then share your entry. You can enter up to ten times. The deadline for entry is February 20th, 2019.

Simply follow the rules and post a video of your pet doing what they do best. Is that performing tricks for treats? Or can they ride a scooter? Are they really good at sing-alongs? Be sure to hit that record button and submit it.

All submissions first qualify as auditions, but the lucky winner will compete on the show and have a chance to bring home $100K in prize money. And don’t forget, for every submission, Facebook will donate $1 to an animal charity. Let’s try to get at least a million entries so charities get as much money as possible!

Getting Your Dog To Pose Those Paws

If you want to try entering your dog in the competition but aren’t sure how to get your dog to look their best on camera, here are a few tips to safely grab nice videos of your pooch.

1. Use Rewards To Grab Their Attention

Treats are a great way to grab your dog’s attention, especially if they’re food motivated. You can also use treats to help familiarize your dog with the camera to make them feel more relaxed.

If treats aren’t keeping your pup’s attention, try using their name, or a toy. You know your dog, so whatever keeps their focus, don’t be afraid to use it. Try not to employ scare tactics, however, like loud noises or shouting. This could make your dog even more anxious and less likely to give you a fun and genuine performance worth capturing.

2. Be Patient

Your dog loves you, but let’s be honest. They have no idea what you’re doing when you’re encouraging them to be silly for the camera. They’re just happy you’re paying attention to them! So when you’re trying to get your photogenic pup to perform for the camera, remember to be, above all things, patient. Do your best to communicate, and urge and inspire with treats when needed.

3. Play And Relax Beforehand

Getting your dog relaxed or prepared for some recording prior to pulling out your phone might help get you both in the mood to shoot some funny videos, so take your pooch on a walk or play some fetch before the camera starts rolling–or during. Who knows what will happen in your natural element?

Don’t forget that each entry means money for animal charities, even if you don’t win! Are you going to participate in the World’s Most Amazing Dog Competition? Let us know in the comments below!