5 New Businesses That Want You To Bring Your Dog

Yellow Labrador wearing 3-D glasses at theater

(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

There are plenty of businesses out there that cater to dogs, like dog walkers, dog groomers, and dog sitters. However, many of these businesses aren’t designed to help humans spend time with their pups. As dog lovers, we can go for walks, visit dog beaches, or hang out at dog parks when we want to get out of the house with our pooches, but finding options for enjoying a meal, having a drink, or catching some entertainment can be a bit more difficult. Our dogs are our best friends, and we want to do all of the things with them that we do with our human pals. Luckily, there are several new businesses out there that understand our desire to take our pups on doggy dates and take a break from sitting on the couch and binge watching shows. These businesses aren’t just dog friendly; they actually want you to bring your dog along to join the fun. Here are five new businesses that want you to bring your dog with you.

1. Boris & Horton Dog Café

You’ve probably heard about cat cafés opening up all over the world. Usually they house several resident cats, and some are adoptable, but the main draw is being able to relax with a cup of coffee in the company of friendly felines. Well, now you can sip some java with your favorite pup. Boris & Horton is a dog café in New York City, and unlike traditional cat cafés, the animals in the establishment are not residents, and they’re not up for adoption. Instead, they are dogs brought in by their owners.

Dog owners are encouraged to bring their pups along as they order from the inside counter or from a kiosk outside. Dogs can hang out and meet other pups, but there is definitely a code of conduct, so all animals must be on their best behavior and stay on leashes. The idea for the business came when the founders saw dogs tied up outside of coffee shops in the city while their owners went inside. They wanted to created a place where dog owners could get a cup of coffee without having to leave their pooches behind. Now, they can have a place to get their caffeine fix without worrying or leaving their dogs in the cold. Boris & Horton also holds adoption events and fundraisers for dogs who need forever homes.

2. Picturehouse Central’s Dog-friendly Cinema

Picturehouse Central in London isn’t a new business, but their Dog Friendly screenings are a novel idea. These special showings are meant to be enjoyed by humans and their dogs, and they sound like a lot of fun. Well-behaved dogs are welcome to come on Sunday mornings every six weeks–that’s when these screenings happen–to watch a film with their favorite human. Every dog is given a treat and a blanket when they arrive, and there are plenty of water bowls filled with fresh water to go around.

The response to these screenings has been overwhelming, as dog lovers are thrilled to get a chance to go to the cinema without having to leave their pups at home. Non-dog-owners are welcome to come along, too, if they just want to enjoy the company of canines. No one seems to be complaining about barking hecklers during the screenings, and the theater plans to keep hosting dog-friendly showings until people don’t want them anymore, but that doesn’t seem like it’s coming any time soon. Who knows? With all the success this theater is having, we may see a cinema that caters to dogs in every screening.

3. Pub Dog Colorado

Pub Dog Colorado isn’t just the first restaurant in Colorado that allows you to eat indoors with your dog, it also encourages you to bring your dog along by providing a menu just for pups. The dog menu includes Puppy Patties, which are small burgers, Chicken Breast Soup, and Pupsicles made from low-sodium chicken broth. There is, of course, a full menu for humans, too.

If you don’t feel like being cooped up indoors, Pub Dog also has an outdoor patio and fully fenced-in off leash area so dogs can socialize and run around. The restaurant holds events to raise money for local dog parks, dog-themed events like a Puppies and Poetry Open Mic Night, and a Sunday Bloody Mary & Mimosa Bar so you can get some “hair of the dog” if you’re still shaking off Saturday night.

4. Flat12 Bierwerks

Flat12 Bierwerks in Indianapolis, Indiana has been around for about seven years, so it’s not the newest business on our list, but it’s still got a fairly new and interesting way to get dog lovers to come out for a visit. They have dog-friendly events, like their annual Dogapalooza, and people who attend can bring their dogs, but there are also adoptable dogs at the event, therapy dogs, a supply drive, a silent auction with doggie baskets, and more, all for a good cause.

However, one of the most unique ways Flat12 brings dogs and humans together is that they can enjoy a good beer with each other. The brewery makes Flat12 Paws Dog Brew, which is a non-alcoholic beer for dogs made from blended bones, trimmings, brewers yeast, and more. It might be a little meaty for human taste buds, but dogs will love it. You’re never drinking alone if your dog is around, but it’s even better when your pup can drink along with lots of other people and dogs, too.

5. Whole Pet Kitchen

Whole Pet Kitchen in San Juan del Monte, Philippines might be a bit of a hike if you’re in the United States, but it may be worth the trip if you want a dining experience that lets you have your dog right at the table with you. This dog café and “bark-ery” has so many dishes for pups that it may be overwhelming at first. They can cater to almost any dietary requirements, and they use fresh ingredients in all of their food. Of course, you can enjoy a tasty human treat of your own, but you should also expect that your dining guests will probably be canine, so keep your eyes on your food.

Dogs may be too distracted to try to steal a morsel from your dish anyway, as the dog menu includes lasagna, muffins, cakes, soups, yogurts, pupsicles, and homemade dog food that you can take to go. Whole Pet Kitchen also has food for cats, if you happen to be a multi-species household. Food can be custom made, and ingredients are always human-grade, so you might want to have a taste for yourself. Hopefully, we can see some bark-eries like this in the states soon because we can’t wait to share a table with our dogs in public without any judgment.

What other new dog businesses have you seen lately? Would you like to see more businesses like these in the future? Let us know in the comments below!