Dog Scouts of America – A Fun Way To Bond With Your Dog And Community


A scout is trustworthy, loyal, and furry?

Oh my Lord and Lady Baden-Powell! It’s the DOG scouts of America!

Are you looking for ways to connect and give back to your community? Get some exercise and have fun? Do you have a dog who’s an aspiring good citizen? Then it’s time to check out the Dog Scouts of America!

The Dog Scouts of America was founded in 1995 by Lonnie Olson, who recognized that dogs have short lives and need to have their time filled with as much happiness and fun possible. Dog Scouts is a non-profit organization. Their mission is enrich the lives of dogs and improve our relationships with our dogs and the community around us.


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The Dog Scouts organization is involved with many fundraising activities, like walk-a-thons for K-9 units’ bullet proof vests. They work with children in schools who are learning to read. They assist with meals on wheels for senior’s pets. And they raise money for shelters.

With the Dog Scouts, you play sports, hike, and teach your dog to behave in public and help those in need. But more than that, they help you to be an even better caregiver for your dog. At Dog Scouts they teach you how to keep your dog healthy and mentally stimulated. They’ll show you how to improve communication with your dog, thereby creating the opportunity for your dog to learn and grow.


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Once your dog becomes an official Dog Scout, then you can earn merit badges like Agility, Therapy Dog, and Clean-up America. More fun than tying knots!

They use clicker training and positive reinforcement to teach the dogs. They are firmly against anything that would upset and cause fear in your dog in any way, like “leash pops” or choke collars.

Dog Scout camps are located in Michigan, Missouri and Texas. You and your dog would train with Scoutmasters all week in the great outdoors, having fun and learning new things.


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Dog Scout troops are all across the nation. Check out their database to find one near you. If you don’t have a troop near you, you can start your own chapter. You just to need to join the group, and then get your dog Dog Scout certified. You can even get certified by making videos of your dog showing his or her skills.

Visit It’s a great website with tons of information about the group and education for new dog owners.

Dog Scouts! Dog Scouts! USA! Troop attention! Troop Dismissed!

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