(Other) games for ball hounds

The Ball Hound

  • Adores fetching and gnawing on chewtoys
  • Is prone to nipping, chewing, or play biting
  • Comes from a breed that works with his mouth, such as a retriever


  • No one enjoys a good game of fetch more than this dog, and if you’d rather not do a lot of running or walking yourself, it’s a great way to give him all the exercise he needs
  • Athletic, mouthy dogs love a good game of Frisbee You can take it to the competition level with Disc Dog (search for a local club here), or just have a game at the park. Buy a Frisbee with padded edges because it’s gentler on his mouth.
  • Flyball is a timed relay race that involves jumping hurdles and retrieving a ball — nirvana for high-energy, ball-obsessed dogs. Learn more and get local club listings from the North American Flyball Association.

Other fun stuff:

  • Give him a box full of chew toys so he has things to pick up and carry around.
  • Take your game of fetch to a nearby pond — or any body of water. Ball Hounds usually love to swim.

Examples of Ball Hounds: Border Collies, Golden Retrievers, English Springer Spaniel, Labradors

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