Dog Fitness

  • Keep Your Dog Mentally And Physically Fit

    Keep Your Dog Mentally And Physically Fit

    In order to be well-adjusted pets, dogs need both mental and physical stimulation on a daily basis. The desire to "keep busy" is deeply ingrained in the majority of dogs.

  • Finding The Right Veterinarian

    Finding The Right Veterinarian

    Your veterinarian is nearly as important in your dog's life as you are.

  • Exercise For Puppies?

    Exercise For Puppies?

    I know jogging isn't a good idea — what exercises are appropriate for my pup until she's full grown?

  • What Are My Dog’s Exercise Needs?

    What Are My Dog’s Exercise Needs?

    Keeping your dog or puppy physically fit

  • Dog games

    Dog games

    Does your dog like to dig? Is he a couch potato? Or will he chase anything that moves? Chances are we've got the perfect game for him in our guide that's loaded with suggestions.

  • Top 5 tips for running with your dog

    Top 5 tips for running with your dog

    Running with your dog is a mutually beneficial activity, but there’s more to it than putting on running shoes, putting a leash on your dog, and heading for the door.

  • The truth about dogs (and cats)

    The truth about dogs (and cats)

    “That dog is wagging his tail so he must be happy...” Not so fast: The speed it’s wagging at could mean different things; this and other dog myths debunked.

  • Entertainment tips for dogs

    Entertainment tips for dogs

    Question: My dog seems to enjoy having "tasks" to complete — is there a way to keep smart dogs entertained? Answer: Dogs don’t need to be “entertained” generally. They do need stimulation and activity, as do almost all living things. They don’t necessarily need play groups, expensive toys, or gourmet bakery treats. Nor do they […]

  • Games for scent hounds

    Games for scent hounds

    The Nose Will follow his nose anywhere May come from a breed that was used to track scents, such as beagles or other hounds Top activities: Training your hound to be a search and rescue dog is a huge commitment, but very rewarding if you’ve got the time and passion for it. Check out the […]

  • Bad for dogs to play tug-of-war?

    Bad for dogs to play tug-of-war?

    Question: Can playing tug-of-war with my dog make her aggressive? Answer: Many people think it’s risky to play tug-of-war with a dog. And it’s true that, if the game goes too far, it can result in a dangerously out of control canine. But when played intelligently, tug-of-war is actually a great way to practice keeping […]

  • bathroom breaks for dogs?

    bathroom breaks for dogs?

    How many times a day should I give my dog a bathroom break?

  • Dog Fitness

    Dog Fitness

    Quality food and clean water are essential to a long, healthy life.

  • Healthy Dog Activities

    Healthy Dog Activities

    Keeping your dog or puppy busy and happy

  • Games for diggers

    Games for diggers

    The Digger Loves, loves, loves to dig Likes to chase other small animals Likely to have terrier or dachshund heritage Top activities: Earthdog trials let terriers and dachshunds indulge their favorite talent: racing along an underground tunnel in search of prey. The American Kennel Club and American Working Terrier Association can help you get started. […]

  • Keeping Fido fit

    Keeping Fido fit

    Diet, exercise, and weight management

  • 5 ways to keep your dog healthy this spring

    5 ways to keep your dog healthy this spring

    Longer days, warm weather, and weekends spent frolicking with your furry friends all mean one thing--spring is here!

  • Games for couch potatoes

    Games for couch potatoes

    The couch potato Gives you a “Do we have to?” look when you try to take him for a run Settles right down after a leisurely stroll around the block Top activities: Walking — long leisurely ones or multiple short ones. Even couch potatoes need exercise Accompanying you on errands around town, or hanging out […]

  • Games for athletic dogs

    Games for athletic dogs

    The Jock Plays a vigorous tug of war with you, and is then ready to sprint to the dog park Is always frisking around, and sniffing out new scents and experiences May come from a breed that was developed to do a high-energy job, such as hunting or herding Top activities: Agility combines obedience with […]

  • Dog videos: Amazing dog sports

    Dog videos: Amazing dog sports

    The skill of dog athletes, and their incredible responsiveness to their human handlers, can be thrilling to watch. We’ve compiled a few videos that inspired us to head outdoors with our own dogs. Agility: A fast-paced sport that’s as fun for the spectators as it is for the dogs Musical freestyle: The sport for dogs […]

  • (Other) games for ball hounds

    (Other) games for ball hounds

    Going beyond fetch