5 Of The Most Spoiled Dogs In The World

Dog Spoiled

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If you feel like you might be the only one who spoils their lovely pup, don’t worry because you certainly aren’t. Virtually everyone who’s a pet parent spoils their dog one way or another.

And I’m sure when we hear the word “spoiled,” there’s some negativity attached to it. But why not spoil our pups? Our dogs give us their attention, endless amounts of love, and unfailing loyalty. So of course they deserve all the excess affection we give to them.

But there are some pups who get pampered just as well as the rich and famous. Here the five of the most spoiled dogs living larger than most of us do.

1. Lucky Diamond

BEVERLY HILLS- JANUARY 12, 2005: Game show producer Merv Griffin poses with pet expert Wendy Diamond and her dog Lucky Diamond at his home in Beverly Hills, California on January 12, 2005. Griffin passed away August 12, 2007 at the age of 82 after a long battle with prostate cancer.

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The late pup of animal advocate and Animal Fair magazine founder, Wendy Diamond, this Maltese Poodle lived a very luxurious life. From being bought a tailored dress worth $4000, to a mini sushi bar, Lucky was really lucky.

Unfortunately, Lucky passed in 2012 of old age, but before her death, she was set to get married to another pup in a glamorous wedding priced in the range of $140,000! It soon turned into a celebration of Lucky’s life after her passing, rather than a wedding.

And what a life she had! We envy you, Lucky!

2. Tinkerbell

LOS ANGELES - JUNE 12: Grand Marshall Paris Hilton (L) and her mother Kathy Hilton ride on the float at the 2005 West Hollywood Gay Pride Parade, June 12, 2005 in Los Angeles, California.

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Tinkerbell was a 14-year-old Chihuahua who was the famed dog of socialite Paris Hilton. Though Paris Hilton had as many 17 dogs at home, Tinkerbell was the most famous and most likely the most spoiled of the bunch.

In fact, a doghouse was build for Tinkerbell in the back of Paris’s home, which was an exact mini replica of her mansion. It was even complete with mini furniture, a staircase, and air conditioning inside.

In 2015, Tinkerbell unfortunately passed with Paris dedicating her Instagram account to her beloved pup for a couple days. Paris went on to saying of Tinkerbell, “I may have spoiled her a little too much. But how can I not? Just look at that sweet lil’ face, she deserves to be treated like my lil’ princess.”‘

3. Oprah’s Dogs

379384 03: ***EXCLUSIVE*** (NO ITALY) Oprah Winfrey holds her dog Solomon in front of the New York City hotel before getting into her limo September 29, 2000.

(Picture Credit: Arnaldo Magnani/Liaison)

I’m sure everyone is aware of who Oprah is. One of the most powerful and richest people in the entire world, her net worth is close to 3 billion dollars. This, of course, is not new information.

But what’s surprising is the trust she has set up for her beloved dogs in the amount of 30 million dollars! Having adopted all five through PAWS Shelter in Chicago, she’s the proud parent of two Golden Retrievers Luke and Layla, a Cocker Spaniel Sadie, and two Springer Spaniels Sunny and Lauren.

It’s nice to know that Oprah doesn’t only spoil her audience with gifts, but her pooches as well.

4. Gunther IV

This German Shepherd might possibly be the richest dog in the world. Gunther IV is worth close to 400 million dollars, and it’s all his!

Literally owning multiple multi-million-dollar homes in places like the Bahamas and Italy, and eating steak and caviar on an almost nightly basis, there’s nothing this dog does not have. So how did Gunther IV amass such a fortune?

A German countess and multi-millionaire, Karlotta Leibenstein had a deep affection for her dog Gunther III. When she passed, she left her fortune to her pup Gunther III, who in turn had Gunther IV. And when Gunther III passed on, Gunther IV inherited all the riches.

Presumably, the fortune will be passed on from pup to pup so the line of Gunthers will always be taken care of!

5. Lola

CHELMSFORD, UNITED KINGDOM - MAY 16: ***EXCLUSIVE*** Louise Harris poses with her pet Yorkshire Terrier Lola on May 16, 2011 in Chelmsford, England. Pet-mad Louise Harris, from Chelmsford, Essex,has always treated her dogs like royalty and has now had two tiaras custom-made so her Yorkie Lola can look just like Kate Middleton on her wedding day. Louise, 32, spent GBP£20,00.000 on a dog wedding for Yorkshire Terrier Lola earlier this year, where the pooch married a Chinese Crested dog called Mugly. But while that bash was lavish, Louise, got even more ambitious after watching the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton last month. Now Louise - who has spent more than GBP£100,000.00 on Lola and her other two Yorkshire Terriers - has had a pair of posh headpieces constructed at GBP£400 each so Lola can look like a dog version of the royal bride. Both are meant to be mini replicas of the tiara Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge -wore when she married Prince William on April 29. While Kate's version was a priceless Cartier 'halo' tiara loaned to her by the Queen, Lola's were pieced together by bespoke jewellers Latimer Couture using Swarovski crystal and genuine silver. Wearing her own GBP£500 bespoke tiara and matching necklace, Louise said: "I've always seen Lola as my little princess, so it was only fitting she had a tiara just like Kate's. "Now I can call her the Duchess of Yorkshire Terrier!"

(Picture Credit: Nick Obank / Barcroft Media / Getty Images)

This miniature Yorkshire Terrier lives her life of luxury in Essex, England with her loving human parent, Louise Harris. Spending almost a quarter of a million pounds on not only Lola, but her dog siblings, Louise Harris loves to pamper her pups.

From weekly spa treatments to fully cooked breakfasts every single morning, these pups have it all. In fact, they get hand fed scrambled eggs and ham each and every morning freshly cooked. Lola has a stay-at-home nanny, so she is never alone. It’s an amazing life for Lola and her siblings!

What do you think of the most spoiled dogs in the world? Do you think you spoil your pooch, too? Let us know in the comments below!