7 Funny, Lazy Dogs Who Refuse To Get Out Of Bed [VIDEOS]

Dog Refusing Bed

(Picture Credit: Image by cuppyuppycake/Getty Images)

During the week most of us run on a routine. That means we get up early and prepare for the day.

So when the weekend comes around, we cherish the mornings where we can sleep in and not worry about getting out of bed early. But things are not the same for our four-legged friends.

In fact, every day is a weekend for most of them, so they tend to wake up or stay asleep whenever they please. That’s why there are times when getting our pooches out of bed is like moving heaven and earth.

Here are seven dogs who refused to get out of bed.

1. English Mastiff Won’t Listen To Mom

English Mastiffs are huge dogs. If you want to wake one up, you have to hope they’re feeling obedient and listen to your commands, as it’s nearly impossible to just physically move them out of bed.

In this dog’s case, he’s not having it as mom tries to command him to get down from his sleeping spot. He groans and twirls around in defiance as she continues her attempt to convince him.

For three minutes this funny pup fights to stay in bed until mom finally caves and gives him kisses in the end.

Way to go, bud!

2. Labrador Lazily Slides Out Of Bed

In this hilarious clip, a Labrador reminds us of how we all feel when we have to get out of bed.

His human dad instructs him that it’s time to get out of his comfortable position in bed. He slowly pulls himself up, letting his front paws hang off the edge.

His dad continues to urge the pup on, and he lazily obliges as he slowly slides his whole body. He’s so lazy that he lets his body hang for a moment, with his hind legs still on the bed. Eventually the pup is completely out of bed, but he’s still not ready to get up, and he lies down on the ground.

We feel you, pup!

3. English Bulldog Loves The Pillows

This massive English Bulldog loves to stay in bed.

In this quick video, dad tries to get his Bulldog, Benji, to get up so he can make the bed. But the cute pup refuses as he tries to avoid letting his dad carry him off. He continues to defy his human as he goes back to the comfort of the pillows.

In the end, Benji’s dad is finally able to carry him away so he can finish making the bed.

I’m sure those pillows were super comfy, Benji!

4. Dog Grins While Dad Tries To Get Him To Leave His Bed

It’s one thing to refuse a command, but this dog seems to really relish being rebellious.

This stubborn dog stays put as her dad tries to coax her out of bed. But not only does she refuse to obey — she also puts on a grin as she looks up at dad trying to convince her to move.

Her human tries to tempt the pup by offering treats and even a car ride, but the pup won’t budge as she continues to grin while staying put in bed.

5. Husky Just Wants To Stay In Bed With His Brother

Sometimes our dogs don’t just want to stay in bed by themselves — they want you to be there with them. And that’s exactly what this beautiful Husky wanted.

Here we find mom trying to get her son out of bed so he can get ready for school. But his Husky brother is not having it as he tries to keep him in bed. Any time mom tries to pull the blanket, this Husky fights back, not wanting to leave his comfy position over his brother.

It’s a cute battle for the blankets between mom and dog.

6. Zeus Moans To Stay In Bed

Another stubborn Husky, this dog tries to talk his way into staying in bed.

In this short clip, we find Zeus, who’s sprawled out in bed and clearly doesn’t want to move. His mom, however, knows it’s time to get up and make the bed.

For the whole video, Zeus continually tries to make his case to his mom, hoping to stay in bed just a little bit longer.

Sometimes the bed is just too comfy to leave, Zeus, and we feel your pain!

7. Great Dane Is A Very Slow Riser

In this video we watch a Great Dane take up most of the couch. His mom is heard in the background trying to get him to wake up and get out of his resting spot.

For the first few minutes, this large pooch stretches and sits up, trying to wake up fully. In the end, he finally musters enough energy to get out of bed for mom.

It’s clearly a struggle for him, and it’s something we’ve all struggled with before!

Did any of these silly, lazy pups put a smile on your face? Does your dog ever refuse to wake up and get going? Let us know in the comments below!