8 Celebrities Who Brought Their Dogs To Interviews [VIDEOS]

Dog Celebrities

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Most of us are fascinated with celebrities. Whether it’s a famous movie star or a talented musician, their work and everyday lives interest many of us. But what might really pull us in as fans–and especially as pet parents–is that many celebs are pet parents themselves!

It’s always great to see celebrities hanging out with their pets, but it’s very interesting when they bring their beloved pooches to work with them.

Here are eight celebrities who brought their dogs to interviews with them.

1. Tom Holland Brings His Dog To Press Junket

In 2017, a new Spider-man movie, starring actor Tom Holland, hit the theaters. A large blockbuster franchise is often accompanied by tons and tons of press interviews.

In this clip, we find Tom Holland ready for another interview about his new movie. But what we don’t see is his dog, Tessa, who’s roaming around exploring the room while her human is being questioned.

Tom tries to lift her up 15 seconds into the clip, but Tessa won’t have it, as she’s more interested in sniffing her surroundings. It’s a fine interview, co-starring a fine pup.

2. Ryan Gosling Brings His Pup To Late Night

I’m sure most of us know who Ryan Gosling is. As a famous actor in films such as The Notebook and the more recent First Man, he’s often invited to late night talk shows to discuss his movies.

In this clip, Ryan makes an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to promote his movie Crazy, Stupid, Love, but he decides to bring his longtime pal and dog, George, to the show. For the next ten minutes, George faithfully sits by Ryan’s side as he discusses different stories with Fallon.

In 2017, Ryan had another interview, this time with Ellen Degeneres, where he discussed George’s untimely passing. He even shows the dog tag he wears around his neck in memory of his beloved pup.

3. Ashley Tisdale’s Dog Tales With Her Maltipoo

The Today show has had many segments and specials throughout its illustrious run. One of those segments was “My Pet Tale,” which featured celebrities talking about how their pets help enhance their lives for the better.

In the inaugural episode of this segment, actress Ashley Tisdale holds her Maltipoo, Maui, with pride and love. She discusses how her pup helped her through break-ups and other life experiences, telling stories about how Maui supported her throughout.

It’s a cute segment that reminds us how our dogs can help us through the tough times!

4. Olivia Munn Loves To Rescue Pups

Promoting her movie Mordecai in 2015, actress Olivia Munn, decided to bring her new rescue dog, Chance, along with her.

She explains that she owned her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog for about two months up to that point. Being a proud pet mom, she even shows the interviewers some tricks Chance learned since being rescued, like sitting and shaking.

Olivia is a very charming lady, and her pup, Chance, is a very cute dog. It’s a match made in heaven!

5. Steven Tyler’s Dogs Steal The Show

Steven Tyler, the famous front man from the legendary band, Aerosmith, stops by Late Night with Seth Meyers. But he’s not alone as he calls on both his pups, Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid. At first, both the Yorkie and Morkie scatter around the set until Steven reigns them in, calling them to sit on the couch with him.

During the interview, they patiently rest beside him as he explains the genesis of their respective names and the emotional support they offer him while he’s on the road, touring with his band.

It’s one cool interview with some even cooler pups!

6. Ariana Grande Introduces Her Pup Toulouse On The Tonight Show

Appearing on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon in 2016, singer songwriter, Ariana Grande, made her visit a family affair. From the beginning of the interview, she tells Jimmy she brought most of her family and introduces the world to her dog, Toulouse.

A Beagle-Chihuahua mix, Ariana calls him up to sit next to her and talks about his brief modeling job for Coach. It’s a short appearance by him as he quickly jumps off mom’s lap and finds his way backstage.

Ariana might be used to all the bright lights, but Toulouse doesn’t seem too impressed by it.

7. 2 Chainz And His Frenchie Who Falls Asleep During Interview

In this clip, 2 Chainz, the famous rapper who hails from Georgia, shows up on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote one of his many rap albums. However, he brought his Frenchie, named Trappy, along for the ride.

The interview is mostly 2 Chainz updating Jimmy on everything that’s been happening in his life, from breaking his foot to starting a new television show called The Most Expensivest, where he searches for the most luxurious goods in the world. But the most interesting part of the interview is Trappy who seems to fall asleep every few minutes during the interview.

It’s a great segment reminding us how much our pups love their sleep!

8. Betty White Loved Dogs So Much She Had A Show About Them

If you were a fan of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Golden Girls, you definitely know who Betty White is. A legendary actress and comedienne, she has made her mark in television and Hollywood for close to 80 years. She’s also a well-known animal lover and especially loves dogs.

In fact, in 1971, she had a show called The Pet Set, which featured celebrities bringing their beloved pets for interviews.

In the episode above, Betty White invites Roger Caras and Doris Day, who bring along their dogs with them. It’s a great trip back in time to see how much Betty White loves and adores dogs and animals.

What do you think of these celebrities who brought their dogs to interviews? Do you have a favorite celebrity dog appearance that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!