How To Make Sure Your Pet Sitter Is Trustworthy

Dog Sitter Trust

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Sometimes you just have to go out of town for a few days because of work or other responsibilities, and that means someone has to take care of your dog while you’re away. When these occasions happen, choosing a pet sitter to care for your beloved pooch will be one of the most important decisions to ponder.

A lot of pet parents rely on friends and family for pet sitting needs. But what if no one you know is available?

Our dogs are more than just pets, they’re members of our families. So, when it comes to leaving our pups in the care of another person, we want to ensure that they’re trustworthy and that our dogs will be in safe hands.

So how can we make sure our dogs are with the right pet sitter? How can we make sure they are trustworthy?

Here are a few steps you can take to pick a great pet sitter who will put your mind at ease while you’re away from your furry best buddy.

A Good Review Goes A Long Way

The best way to start your search for a trustworthy pet sitter is by going through referrals. If you know fellow pet parents whom you trust and who hold the same standards as you do for your pup, find out whose services they rely on at times like these.

You can also research online and find reviews from other pet parents to see who can provide the best care for you pup. Two of the best pet-sitting organizations are Pet Sitters International and National Association Of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS).

Searching through these associations will guarantee that whoever you hire will be insured and have passed certifications for pet handling and first aid, among other things.

Professional Certifications Are A Huge Bonus

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Speaking of certifications, it is best to hire someone who is licensed and bonded, as well as overall professionally qualified to do the job.

Making sure they are insured will protect all parties involved in case there is negligence within your home or if anything happens to your dog.

Also see if they are professionally certified through a distinguished association like NAPPS. This will give you peace of mind that they are knowledgeable in pet handling, care, and crisis prevention.

See if they also have first aid knowledge, as it is vital in case something happens while you’re away from your dog.

Meet Your Pet Sitter In Person

You should always request an in-person interview with a pet sitter you like. Make sure you create a list of questions that you want to ask them. Find out their background and experience in pet sitting and learn more about their personality and character.

According to Cathleen Delaney, administrative director of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, most sitters will share the same basic qualities. “The qualities of a good pet sitter should always be experienced, committed, qualified, educated and professional,” says Delaney. “Most every professional sitter should carry those qualities.”

Meeting your pet sitter in person will allow you to find out if you are comfortable with leaving your pet in their care. It will also give your dog a chance to bond and grow acquainted with them. Furthermore, make sure your pet sitter has a back-up sitter who is just as qualified in case anything happens them.

Go over what services they specifically provide, as well as their fees. Make sure that whatever agreement both you and your chosen pet sitter agree to, that it is in writing. This will ensure you know exactly what’s going on while you’re away and what is expected of your pet sitter.

Trying to find a pet sitter you can trust is a stressful procedure, but it’s necessary to make sure your dog is in good hands. Considering these steps should help smooth out the whole process of finding a trustworthy pet sitter that both you and your pup will like.

What do you think of these steps to find a trustworthy pet sitter? Do you have a pet sitter who is trustworthy? Let us know in the comments below!

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