8 Great Dating Tips To Help Dog Lovers Share Their Puppy Love

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We dog lovers are a special breed, and not everyone can handle our love for all things canine. That’s why it’s important for pooch aficionados to be able to find partners who share their adoration for dogs.

If you’re thinking about getting into the dating game, there are several ways you can improve your chances of finding a fellow dog lover who will extend their affection not only to you, but to your precious fur family, as well.

Here are a few dating tips for dog lovers that will help you find the right human to share your puppy love with.

1. Be Clear About Your Dog Devotion

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There’s no reason to hide your love of dogs from a potential partner, especially if you want someone who will appreciate pooches with you.

If you use dating apps, include at least one picture in your profile of you hanging out with your favorite dog, or include your interest in dogs in your bio.

If you date the old fashioned way without technology, be upfront and open. You don’t have to overwhelm your potential date with odes to belly rubs and games of fetch, but you should definitely make sure they know what you’re about. This will help you decide if you’re compatible with each other.

You wouldn’t want to date a non-dog-lover, would you?

2. Scope Out Your Date

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In today’s day and age, there’s no shame in reading through someone’s dating profile, scoping out their pics on social media, or just doing basic homework to find out what they’re into. Or you could just come out and ask.

Look for signs that your date is cool with dogs. Maybe they even have a pup at home who you’ll get to meet, too. This will give you something in common that can help spark conversations and break the ice.

3. Share Pics, But Don’t Go Overboard Right Away

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As dog lovers, it’s hard to resist swiping through our phones to show photos of our dogs to anyone who will stick around long enough to see all the gigs upon gigs of pics we have stored.

There’s nothing wrong with being proud of your dog, who happens to be the most adorable creature in the world. That said, at some point you need to show your date that you have other interests and that you’re capable of holding a conversation about topics other than dogs.

Unload over the course of several dates, rather than all at once. There’s no rush. You’ve backed up your pictures in the cloud, and they’re not going anywhere.

4. Show Interest In Their Dog And Other Pets

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Does your date have a dog or other pets of their own? You should probably cool off on bragging about your own fur baby long enough to find out.

Ask them about their pets. Ask to see pictures, and let them know how cute you think their animals are. Make it a love fest where you can both shower each other’s pets in adoration. This will give you some common ground and bring you closer together.

There’s nothing we dog lovers enjoy more on a date than hearing how excited our potential mates are to meet our pups.

5. Make Introductions

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So you’ve made it through a few dates and it’s time for your mate to meet the first love in your life. Introductions can be tricky. Some people like to rely on their dogs as judges of character. If they don’t like a potential mate, that’s the end of the relationship.

While that can be a fine solution for some people, it’s also important to recognize that there are a lot of factors that determine whether a dog will like someone or not.

The person could be wearing the wrong perfume or cologne, smell like another dog, or remind your pup of a person that wronged them in the past. They could be afraid that a new person is invading their territory.

It’s best to let your dog meet a new person in a neutral area like a public park. Go slowly and don’t force it. Give your date some treats so they can butter your dog up.

It may take more than one meeting for your dog to feel comfortable, and that’s okay. Keep at it. If your date is going to be spending any significant amount of time with you, your dog is going to have to be cool with that.

6. Let Your Pets Meet

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If the relationship is going super well and you’ve both met each other’s pets, it’s time for the animals to have their own introductions. Set up a play date, preferably in a neutral location again, as this will make the dogs feel less territorial.

Make sure your pups are both well socialized and prepared to meet new animals. This will be important if you decide down the road that things are working out and you want to be a big, happy family.

Getting comfortable can take several meetings. Don’t rush. Be patient. Patience is important for any relationship.

7. Include The Pups On Dates

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Once your dogs are comfortable together, you can quit leaving them home so much when you go on dates. Bring them along. There are plenty of fun dates dogs can join you on, and you don’t need to spend a ton of money.

You can go on long walks, enjoy a picnic, visit a farmers market, or go hiking among other things. Get creative.

This will allow you to spend time with your significant other, help your dog feel comfortable around them, and get everybody out of the house for some exercise and fresh air.

8. Share In Your Obsession

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Now that things have gotten more serious, there’s no reason to hold back on your shared love for dogs.

Take pictures with each other’s pets and share them with the world on social media. While other people are showing pictures of their boring babies, you can spread the joy of your adorable pups together.

I know I always appreciate cute dog pics on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and all your friends will, too. Time to change that relationship status!

What other dating tips do you have for dog lovers? Does your significant other love dogs as much as you? Let us know in the comments below!