8 Fun And Cheap Dates You Can Go On With Your Dog

If you’ve managed to snag a significant other who’s just as in love with dogs as you are, congratulations! But just because your time will be spent going on fun dates doesn’t mean you have to leave your precious pup home alone.

There are plenty of fun activities to do with your new human companion that your dog buddy can enjoy, too. And if it doesn’t work out with the new human in your life, you can still try these out with just your dog as your date, instead.

The best part is that you don’t even need to spend much to do it.

Here are eight great dates that you can go on with your dog.

1. Have A Picnic

Happy young couple with dog on blanket in the nature

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For the price of a homemade lunch, you can pack a picnic basket and head to the park to get out in the sunshine and enjoy a meal. It will give you a chance to talk and get to know each other in a peaceful surrounding, and your dog will appreciate the fresh air and excercise.

Be sure to pack a chew toy and some treats so your pup can have something to keep busy while you eat and chat.

2. Go To An Outdoor Movie Night

Lots of parks offer outdoor movie nights with big screens and projectors, and they’re usually free.

Check your local park district’s calendar of events and see what activities they have planned. Chances are good that they have something going on that your dog is allowed to attend, and it’s a great way to branch out and meet new people and dog owners.

Next time, maybe you can even make it a double date with some new friends.

3. Take A Long Walk On The Dog Beach

Senior couple running on beach with dog

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You can’t think of dating without the phrase “long walks on the beach” coming to mind. It’s pretty romantic to have the warm sand in your toes and the sound of waves lapping at the shore with you and your partner walking hand-in-hand.

But it’s an even more joyful occasion with your pup happily running into the water and making new dog friends.

Be sure to bring a ball or a toy to a dog beach near you and have some fun.

4. Hit Up The Pet Supply Store

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You’re going to need to stock up on supplies at some point, so why not make a date out of it? Your dog is probably allowed to shop with you at your local pet supply store, so bring the pup along and have a chat with your partner about the best ways to spoil your fur baby.

This is a great way to test to see just how into dogs your significant other really is.

5. Go For A Pet Charity Walk

There are plenty of charity events for you to attend with your dog like the Strutt Your Mutt charity dog walk from Best Friends Animal Society in cities all over the United States. Check out local charity walks near you.

You and your partner can get out and get some exercise, meet fellow dog lovers, and do it all for a good cause while you’re at it. Your pup will be happy to burn some calories and say hello to some other pooches.

6. Eat And Drink At Dog-Friendly Bars Or Restaurants

Couple playing with a dog at the club

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Al Fresco dining with dogs is becoming very popular with restaurants and bars that have outdoor seating options. Some places even have dog events that let your pup join you indoors.

Check your local pub’s calendar or talk to someone who works there about setting up your own event. Always be sure to check with a business before bringing your dog along to see what their rules are.

7. Visit A Farmers Market

Couple with dog at farmer's market

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An outdoor farmers market is a great place to shop for produce and support local farms, and it’s fun to walk around and talk to people. You and your significant other can stock up on fruits and veggies, and your pup will be happy to get outside and go for a walk.

Some vendors may even leave a bowl of cool water out as doggy re-hydration stations, but be sure to bring a water bottle–just in case–if you plan to stay outside for a long time.

8. Hit The Hiking Trails

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If you live close to a hiking trail, take advantage of it and get back to nature. Your dog will be happy to sniff all the new smells, and you and your partner can enjoy exercising and taking in the beautiful scenery, and the great part is that each season of the year has new views to offer.

Again, be sure to bring plenty of water so you and your pup can stay hydrated.

What cheap dates would you recommend for a doggy date? Let us know in the comments below!

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