10 Things Every Dog Owner Knows That Other People Just Don’t Get

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Dogs are our best friends, but they can also be our best teachers.

Sharing your life with a pup changes the way you see the world around you, and you start to understand some things that people who don’t own dogs just don’t get.

Here are ten things every dog owner knows that other people don’t understand.

1. There’s Nothing Like Coming Home

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Everyone can understand that coming home is a good thing, but until you’ve walked through the door to be greeted by the wagging tail and slobbery kisses of a dog who’s literally jumping for joy, you don’t really know what a special event coming home really is.

Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz knew there was no place like home, and she had Toto. Coincidence? No way.

2. Your Stuff Isn’t That Important

Mischievous dog sitting on torn furniture

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Material possessions are fine, but we dog owners know better than to get too attached to anything with a dog around.

Between chewing on things, peeing on things, and knocking things over with whip-like tails, dogs can cause a lot of destruction, but getting upset about it won’t bring that stuff back.

Most of your belongings can be replaced, and being able to let go and move on is an important lesson to learn.

3. There’s No Mess Too Big

Dog in high chair with spaghetti

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Dog owners are experts at cleaning up. Chances are good that you’ve tried every carpet, floor, and furniture cleaner on the market, and you know exactly which ones work wonders.

You may have even made your own cleaners and found them to work better. A little bit of alcohol, vinegar, and baking soda can go a long way.

Stains from poop and pee, vomit, knocked over dinner plates, and spilled drinks don’t stand a chance any more.

4. A Quiet Listener Is The Best Therapist

Woman crying on the floor while her dog tries to comfort her

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Dog owners know they always have a great listener nearby, and people pay good money for that kind of therapy.

A good pup is always willing to lend an ear and listen to your problems. They respond to us emotionally, and it’s in their nature to try to bring us comfort.

And the best part is that they don’t have to say one word to us. They’re the best therapists in the world, and they don’t even need a degree.

5. Exercise Is Worth Getting Excited About

Running through the sand dunes.

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You can’t say the words “walk” or “ball” around my house without an excited dog jumping up and doing a happy dance.

Dogs know that exercise is good for you, and it should be fun. If only we as humans got as excited to run around. We’d probably be a lot healthier as a species.

Next time someone says, “Hey, wanna go to the gym?” or, “Let’s go for a jog,” take a lesson from your dog and jump for joy.

6. A Little Positive Reinforcement Goes A Long Way

Communication and Shaking Hand

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Dogs can learn just about any trick you want to teach them with a little bit of positive reinforcement.

It’s all about finding the right motivation. Some dogs love praise and pets, others love play, and others love food.

The same can be said of humans. So when someone does something for us, as dog owners we know to give a thank you, a pat on the back, or maybe even a treat. I’m personally very food motivated.

7. Love Can Actually Heal You

Woman in a moment of spirituality with the dog

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The Power of Love” isn’t just a song from Back to the Future; it’s a real thing that makes dog owners healthier. The love of a pup actually has health benefits.

Dog owners have reduced stress, lower blood pressure, alleviated depression, stronger immune systems, and reduced risk of heart attacks. We dog lovers know this healing power is real because we feel it all the time.

You may just live longer if you have a dog in your life, and that’s the real power of love.

8. Staying Clean Is A Losing Battle

Two naughty muddy dogs sitting on a bed.

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Hearing the word “bath” is enough to make most dogs recoil in horror, and for some reason, the moment right after a bath is the best time to go outside and roll in something stinky and dirty.

Dog owners know that trying to keep muddy paw prints off the floor, eliminate tumbleweeds of dog hair, and keep things smelling decent is a losing battle. Sure, we keep fighting the good fight, but we know there’s no chance of winning.

9. You’re Not Meant To Be Inside All Day

Bennett, a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppy, excitedly jumps through a new bed of flowers in early spring.

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Dogs know that going outside is important and exciting. It’s great to be home, but it’s not good to be cooped up inside all day. Nature is calling, and we’re supposed to get out and enjoy it.

Even if the weather isn’t so nice, it’s better to go out for at least a few minutes than to shut yourself off from the outdoors entirely. Dog owners understand that we have to get some fresh air and some sunshine on our faces.

10. Dogs Are The Best People

Middle aged man getting licked by a Chihuahua at an outdoor party

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I’ve never met a person and thought, “I’d rather be with this person right now than my dog.” That’s because dogs are the best people. They listen, they don’t judge, and they love unconditionally.

There’s no person in the world who is like that all the time. Dogs know how to be better people than we can ever hope to be, and we know that they deserve our love and adoration for it.

What other things do dog owners know that other people just don’t understand? Let us know in the comments below!