7 Great Danes Who Think They’re Lap Dogs [VIDEOS]

When you think of a big dog, you probably think of a Great Dane. They’re huge pups that could easily be mistaken for small horses. But that doesn’t stop them from thinking like lap dogs. Here are seven hilarious videos of Great Danes who act like lap dogs.

by Mike Clark
March 24th

10 Jobs Dogs Could Do Better Than Humans

There aren’t many people who expect their dogs to go out and get jobs, and that’s a good thing. If dogs entered the work force en masse, a lot of us humans would be out of our jobs because a canine could probably do what we do better.

by Mike Clark
May 22nd, 2019

10 Funny Dog Videos: The YouTube Classics

Funny dog videos keep us coming back to YouTube for more hilarious pups to brighten our days. These funny dog videos will probably stick around and be re-shared for years to come, and no matter how many times we see them, they still bring smiles to our faces.

by Mike Clark
May 17th, 2019

You know you’re a dog lover if…

Recently created a top ten list: signs you’re a dog lover. So much of what they said hit home that I decided to make my own list. You know you’re a dog lover if:You have no idea which neighbor kid belongs to which house, but you can name every dog on the block.You happen to think […]

by DogTime
April 11th, 2011
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