Daily Dose Of Cute: Golden Retriever Puppies Enjoy Fall For The First Time [VIDEO]

Fall is a wonderful time for dogs and people alike. The leaves change colors, the weather cools off, and there are also plenty of new smells to investigate! Every dog should get some nice, long walks and plenty of outdoor playtime this season.

For puppies, autumn is a whole new and special experience. So if you have a puppy at home, make sure you let them explore and learn during this time of year.

Check out some sweet Golden Retriever babies experiencing the change of seasons for the first time in the video above!

Be Safe With Your Pup In Fall!

If you’re planning to let your puppy, or even your adult dog, run and play outside this fall season, remember to keep them safe.

Leaves can hide things like animal waste, hazardous trash and food leftovers, sharp rocks and sticks, and more dangers. Supervise play time and make sure your dog doesn’t come into contact with any of these items.

Also, check your dog for bugs like fleas and ticks after they come inside. These pests can hide in leaves and jump onto playful pooches.

So long as you take some precautions, your dog can enjoy the fall season safely!

Is your pup enjoying the change of seasons? Do they love fall as much as the puppies in the video? Let us know in the comments below!