5 Indoor Potty Ideas For When Your Dog Just Can’t Go Outside

Portrait of adorable Siberian Husky puppy sitting on diaper.

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Potty training can present challenges for new and experienced dog parents alike. One of these challenges is that, as much as we’d love to stay home with our furry friends all day, many of us have full time jobs and must leave our pets home for a while–at least at times when we don’t have shelter in place orders.

Also, smaller breed dogs are generally not too fond of going outside in adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow, which makes going potty outdoors a challenge.

Luckily, there are now plenty of products on the market to help your dog have their own place to go potty when they refuse to go outside. Here are five products for when your dog absolutely needs to use the potty indoors!

1. An Indoor Potty Patch

indoor potty patch

(Picture Credit: Wee-Wee via Chewy.com)

If you can’t bring your dog outdoors, bring the outdoors to your dog! This indoor potty patch from Wee-Wee mimics real grass, and you can use it to train your dog not only to go potty indoors, but to transition to going outdoors as well!

It’s best suited for small- to medium-sized dog breeds and the “grass” on the mat has an attractant that will guide your pet to it. The potty patch tray is easy to remove and drain, and you can order replacement trays when necessary.

You can get it on Chewy here!

2. A Belly Band For Boy Dogs

dog belly band

(Picture Credit: Pet Parents via Chewy.com)

This comfortable belly band style wrap for your male dog is ideal for potty training, incontinence, and even for dogs who urinate when overly excited.

Pet Parents belly bands come in single or two packs in sizes from extra small to extra large for male dogs of any shape.

This durable wrap has a pad sewn in for liquid absorption and a waterproof exterior to prevent leakage. It’s durable, machine washable, and perfect for everyday use.

You can get it on Chewy here!

3. Puppy Potty Training Spray

potty training spray

(Picture Credit: Simple Solution via Chewy.com)

If you’ve set up an indoor potty area and want to train your dog to use it, a potty training spray will help! You can use this spray from Simple Solution to help train your puppy to urinate in specific areas indoors–and outdoors too.

It’s very easy to use and helps speed up and simplify the potty training process! The spray works by attracting your pup to the area where you spread it. Once your dog does their business, reward them for going in the desired area to reinforce the behavior.

You can get it on Chewy here!

4. Disposable Diapers

doggy diapers

(Picture Credit: Simple Solution via Chewy.com)

Doggy diapers are ideal for dogs who suffer from urinary incontinence, excited urination, and for female dogs in heat. They can cut down on your mess cleanup in the home, car, or anywhere else you take your dog indoors.

These disposable diapers from Simple Solution are designed for a comfortable and snug fit. They have adjustable fastener straps and are leakproof. Male and female dogs from puppy to adult can use them.

You can get them on Chewy here!

5. Wee Wee Pads

wee wee pads

(Picture Credit: Wee-Wee via Chewy.com)

While these training pads first gained popularity as a tool for potty training puppies, it is also a great choice for dogs of all ages that are home alone for long periods of time or suffer from incontinence.

These pads have six layers of leak protection, contain a pheromone that attracts dogs to it, and can be used by dogs of all sizes

You can get them on Chewy here!

Do you use any indoor potty training tools with your dog? Are there any specific products you and your furry friend recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

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