5 Items That Will Help Keep Your Home Clean And Dry After Rainy Dog Walks

Girl in pink poke a dotted rain boats and yellow rain jacked is walking her dog that is wearing a yellow rain coat.

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For some dog parents, a rainy day means a wet dog and a dirty home. But for others, there’s something undeniably alluring about the idea of heading out on a long trek through the cascading rain with only your beloved dog for company.

Regardless of how you feel about wet dog walks, once you get home, there’s the inevitable post-rainy walk clean up to deal with.

Thankfully, these days you can readily pick up products like dog umbrellas, doggy boots, and canine raincoats that will make your home a whole lot dryer and markedly less messy after rainy walks.

Here are five mess busting products that can help keep your home clean and dry after rainy dog walks.

1. A Dog Raincoat

raincoat for dogs

(Picture Credit: Frisco via Chewy.com)

Dog raincoats are functional attire that help keep your canine pal warm and dry during rainy conditions. The dryer your dog is when they come in from a rainy walk, the dryer your home will stay when they shake off and roll around!

When you’re faced with a downpour, Frisco’s 100 percent water-resistant dog coat will keep the rain at bay thanks to its mix of a nylon shell and polyester lining.

The coat is also reversible with solid and patterned sides, making it a perfect fit for both conservative and flamboyant dogs!

You can get it on Chewy here!

2. A Set Of Dog Boots

dog boots

(Picture Credit: Frisco via Chewy.com)

When it comes to essential outdoor canine gear, a pair of dog boots to combat a range of weather conditions is a must. They’ll also keep mud off your dog’s paws and, therefore, off your floors, carpet, and furniture.

The Frisco brand’s all weather boots are designed with safety and comfort in mind: The anti-skid suede-leather sole helps offer protection from rain, snow and hard surfaces, while the addition of reflective stripes up visibility during night time walks.

A range of sizes means that these boots will fit snugly on any size pooch.

You can get them on Chewy here!

3. A Dog Shammy Towel

dog towel

(Picture Credit: Dog Gone Smart via Chewy.com)

No matter how much you fuss over dog raincoats and boots, your dog is bound to track in some wetness and mud after a rainy walk. When they do, you’ll be glad you remembered to keep a shammy towel near the door to soak up the mess before it spreads through your home.

Dog Gone Smart’s dog shammy towel is perfect for cleanups after wet walks, and it dries pups eight times faster than a regular towel or blow dryer.

The fabric is also nice and soft, so you can give your pup a little massage while you towel them off!

You can get it on Chewy here!

4. A Dog Umbrella

dog umbrella

(Picture Credit: LesyPet via Chewy.com)

What’s a dog umbrella, you might be wondering? And how does my dog manage to hold the umbrella?

Well, the design of the LesyPet dog umbrella flips things around so you can hold an inverted umbrella over your faithful hound while you’re out and about in the rain.

The see-through polyester also gives you total visibility of your dog at any time.

You can get it on Chewy here!

5. A Doggy Doormat

dog on doormat

(Picture Credit: Dog Gone Smart via Chewy.com)

You wipe your feet when you come in after a rainy walk, and your pup should wipe their paws too! Or at least they should have somewhere to stand while they dry off a bit.

A doggy doormat will collect all the rain and mud that drips off your pup when you first come in out of the weather. This one from Dog Gone Smart is highly absorbent and machine washable.

It also grips to the floor so it won’t slide, and it’s perfect for placing under crates or food and water bowls to prevent slippage and messes.

You can get it on Chewy here!

Do you have a favorite tactic for dealing with rainy dog walks? How do you keep your home clean and dry when a wet dog walks in? Let us know in the comments below!

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