Dog Supplies and Products

Factors to consider when shopping for dog products

  • Availability. Pet supply stores carry different brands of products at a range of prices. Most don’t sell every product a manufacturer makes, just the ones deemed best for that store’s sales. You may end up going to one shop for harnesses and another for treats.
  • Pricing. Online stores sometimes charge less than brick and mortar stores. However, you can’t see or feel the product, and if you need to return it you have to pay to ship it back.
  • Charity. Some local pet supply stores contribute to the dog-related charitable causes in your area. If that’s the case and you wish to support them, there’s no need to price-shop. Similarly, some online retailers contribute to national or regional pet-related charities. Many pet-related charitable organizations or shelters sell fun items, such as matching T-shirts for you and your dog, to raise money.

Pet stores that sell dogs

Some pet stores sell dogs. Unfortunately, the vast majority of dogs sold to pet stores are not supplied by reputable breeders, who wouldn’t allow a puppy to be sold to a buyer they hadn’t met. Most of the dogs in pet stores are provided by commercial breeders, some of which are puppy mills. Decide for yourself whether you wish to patronize a store that sells dogs.