8 Dogs Welcoming Their Soldier & Service Member Moms Home [VIDEOS]

Female soldier hugging pet dog on street at homecoming

(Picture Credit: Raphye Alexius/Getty Images)

We celebrate Veterans Day on November 11th — a day to honor the men and women who served our country.

Service members sometimes spend months or even years away from their loved ones, including their dogs. They make so many sacrifices, as do their families. When they return home, they deserve to be welcomed in the best way possible.

Of course, no one can welcome soldier moms and dads home like dogs can!

In honor of Veterans Day, here are eight dogs who can’t hide their joy after reuniting with their service member moms.

1. Miss May Gives All The Doggy Kisses

Casandra Cabrera feared her pooch, Miss May, wouldn’t remember her after such a long deployment.

But this sweet pup showed up to the airport in a patriotic bandanna to shower her mama with kisses when she returned. So sweet!

2. Erby Gets Hugs First

Sgt. Tracy McKithern rescued her pup, Erby, while she was in Iraq. Erby then waited patiently at McKithern’s home in Tampa for her mama to return.

When her mom finally got back, Erby couldn’t contain her excitement. McKirthern gave Erby all the love even before she could greet her husband! What a lucky dog!

3. Oshie Loses It When Mom Walks In

Oshie the Golden Retriever has been waiting patiently for his soldier mom to return from Norway.

As she walks through the door, the sweet pup absolutely loses it with excitement! What a great reunion!

4. Sammi Melts Into Mama’s Arms

When Melissa got orders to deploy to Kuwait, she had to find someone to care for her pup, Sammi. Luckily, a generous family offered to foster the sweet pooch until Melissa returned.

When Sammi finally sees mom again, she melts into her arms with a big doggy smile on her face. The two are so happy to be together again!

5. Molly Meets Mommy At The Airport

When Molly’s mom returns from Afghanistan, the pup can’t wait to meet her at the airport.

Molly can’t stop crying as mom gives her all the love — and neither can we!

6. Daisy Is All Barks And Licks For Mom

The moment Amanda walks in the door and returns home after being away for six months, her pup, Daisy, gives her the best welcome.

The sweet dog’s joyful barks and licks to the face are enough to bring tears to our eyes!

7. Emma Greets Mama On Television

During Jess’s deployment for a full year, she needed someone to take care of her dog, Emma. Sylvia generously volunteered to foster Emma through through Dogs On Deployment, an organization that connects service members with people who can take care of their dogs while they’re away.

Jess appeared on The Queen Latifah Show to reunite with Emma. At first, the pup is a little confused about where she is, but once she recognizes her mama, it’s all doggy kisses and love!

8. Great Danes Get Great Surprise At Doggy Daycare

Calla and Wrigley are just chilling on the couch at doggy daycare when they get the best surprise.

Their mom, who’s been in Afghanistan for almost six months, walks through the door. With a bark, the pups run to mom and practically knock her over with their love! It’s such a happy reunion!

Are you happy to see these service member moms getting all the love from their dogs? Do you think all veterans who served deserve such a great welcome home? Let us know in the comments below!