DogTime Visited The Easter Dog Parade In Chicago’s Horner Park! [PICTURES]

dog dressed as jelly bellies at easter dog parade in chicago's horner park

(Picture Credit: Krista Kumpf)

We all know Peter Cottontail hops down the bunny trail at Easter. However, if you visited Chicago’s Horner Park recently, you might have seen some Easter dogs hopping around, too!

DogTime had a chance to visit Horner Park for their annual dog Easter egg hunt and parade, and it couldn’t have been more fun! The pups got a chance to socialize and play, and they even got photos with the Easter Bunny.

Check out some pictures from the Horner Park Easter dog parade to see some pooches dressed in their Easter Sunday best!

Pictures From Chicago’s Horner Park Easter Dog Parade

As you can see, all the pooches had a blast. They were all very well behaved and loved getting a chance to meet their neighbor pups.

Dogs of all ages attended, from energetic puppies to sweet seniors. Some of them wore cute Easter costumes, while others wore colorful bandannas. Of course, some came without any special outfits at all, but when you look that cute, why dress up?

The pooches had a chance to search for Easter eggs and play games, too. Then, the Easter Bunny led the parade around the park, and the pups strutted their stuff–with frequent potty breaks!

Afterwards, some of the doggos played musical hula hoops–a doggy version of musical chairs. The humans were treated to some Easter cupcakes, courtesy of the park and their volunteers. Some lucky dogs went home with goody bags, as well.

It was a great time, and hopefully DogTime will get a chance to go next year, too!

Have Your Own Doggy Easter Events

If you think the Horner Park Easter dog event looks like fun, you don’t need to make a trip to Chicago to do the same. You can host an event at your own local park. Just contact your Parks and Recreation department and see what you can do.

You can also just have your own doggy Easter egg hunt in your backyard. Fill some plastic eggs with treats or use hard-boiled eggs and hide them nearby. Have your pooch sniff them out. You might even want to invite other dogs and make it an Easter play date.

When it comes to doggy Easter egg hunts, just remember some words of caution from DogTime’s Easter safety guide, courtesy of veterinarian Dr. Danielle Bernal:

There’s nothing more effective than keeping your dog close and joining them on the hunt. Dogs are naturally curious creatures and will likely put plastic Easter eggs in their mouths. Once your dog finds an egg, empty the contents for them to enjoy and keep the plastic shell with you. There is no reason to miss out on a fun canine Easter egg hunt, just be sure to keep an eye on the action!

Have you ever been to an Easter dog event? What was it like? Did your dog meet the Easter Bunny? Let us know in the comments below!