Happy Easter! 10 Dogs Having Their Own Easter Egg Hunts [VIDEO]

If you can believe it, it’s already time to celebrate Easter! Somehow the holiday snuck up on us because it feels like it was only just Valentine’s Day. To help you get into the Easter spirit, check out these ten videos of dogs having their very own Easter egg hunt. You don’t have to exclude your dogs from the Easter festivities, they are your family after all. Hopefully these videos will inspire you to have your very own doggie Easter egg hunts. Not only is it a great way to get your dogs involved in the holiday, it also makes for an extremely adorable video.

1. Excited Easter Hunt

There is no doubt about it, Petee is excited about Easter. Petee’s owner already knows this, so she set up his very own personal Easter egg hunt. Before Petee is even let outside he knows exactly what is about to happen and cannot contain himself and keeps barking and wagging his tail. He is one very smart dog because he is able to find all the treats that she hid for him. From the looks of it, Petee definitely had a great Easter.

2. Dog Food Easter Eggs

This owner got creative and stuffed some plastic eggs with dog food. She then hid the eggs around the living room, putting them under the couch and even in Easter themed stuffed animals. Not only do the dogs get to join in on the Easter fun, but it’s also a great way for them to gain skills because it forces them to think about how to get the treat out of the egg. This video features a Bernese Mountain Dog, a Samoyed, and an Irish Setter mix.

3. Siberian Husky Egg Hunt

Watch out because here comes the pack! These Siberian Huskies come running out of the house ready to put their dog noses to the test. Even though their owner hides the eggs in some pretty sneaky places, it doesn’t seem to stop their noses. It’s nice though because no matter what, the dogs never fight with each other over the eggs they find, showing how friendly of a pack they truly are.

4. Puppy Einstein

Koby is an Easter egg Einstein. With lots of positive reinforcement training, Koby the puppy has learned to not only find the Easter Eggs, but bring them back to his owner and place them inside the Easter Egg basket! He doesn’t just find the eggs, but actually puts them in the basket exactly as a person would do. This genius, and adorable, Easter doggie definitely deserves a round of applause.

5. Labradors Enjoy Easter

This video features probably two of the happiest Labrador Retrievers you will ever see. It starts off with an adorable picture of the dogs dressed up with bunny ears sitting in front of a basket, showing just how ready these pups are for Easter. From the moment their owner says “Do you want to do your Easter egg hunt,” these two dogs do not stop wagging their tails for one second. You can tell they had a great time because by the end they are two very sleepy pups.

6. Guessing Game

This is Kaylie the Phantom Miniature Schnauzer, and she loves to play hide and seek. Her owner decided to change up the typical Easter egg hunt and make it interesting, turning it into a guessing game. Instead of filling all the eggs with treats, she only filled a few of them, with Kaylie having to figure out which ones actually had treats. However, it looks as though Kaylie has mastered this game because she has absolutely no trouble figuring which are the correct eggs.

7. Professional Egg Finder

Lacy is the most professional Easter egg finder. If this were a competition, she would undoubtedly win. Not only does she start looking when she is commanded to, but when she finds the eggs, she immediately looks to her owner to let her know. She paws at her and directly brings the egg to her. Even the most hidden eggs are not a problem for her nose. Lacy makes it look way too easy. If she weren’t busy Easter egg hunting, there is no doubt that Lacy would make a great search and rescue dog.

8. Clean Up Pup

Jaspar isn’t your ordinary dog. Most dogs specialize in making messes and not cleaning them up–that’s our job as humans, right? Well, Jaspar would disagree. In fact, Jaspar actually helps clean up after play time, something we all wish our dogs would do. After completing his Easter egg hunt and finding all the treats, Jaspar sticks around and helps pick up the plastic eggs. You might wish your dog was as neat as Jaspar.

9. Easter Egg Party

Prepare yourself for an extremely intense Easter egg party. After laying out all the eggs, the owner let’s all nine dogs–yes nine–come into the room. Opening the door in this case is like releasing the flood gates, and in this scenario the dogs are the flood. The dogs run into the room in a chaos of motion because nothing will keep them from their treats. See for yourself the amazing dog party that follows.

10. Puppy Easter Egg Hunt

Nothing says adorable like puppies hunting for Easter eggs. If you or someone you know is having a down day, watch this video because it will make your life ten times better. These Golden Retriever puppies are the epitome of cute trying to get their treats out of the eggs. Since they’re only puppies, they need a little human assistance, but in the end these sweet puppies succeed!

How do you celebrate Easter with your dogs? Let us know and leave a comment below!

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