10 Best Halloween Costumes For Pugs

pug in prisoner costume

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Hello Pug lovers, our favorite time of year is coming! Halloween is a great time to dress our Pugs up in adorable costumes.

The important thing is to make sure that your dog is happy. The simpler the outfit or costume the better the chance is that your dog will wear it without trying to take it off right away.

Too many bells and whistles can equal torture for your pup. We want to all have a happy and safe Halloween!

So if your pooch feels safe and comfortable, give one of these ten great Halloween costumes for Pugs a try!

1. A Knight, Sir Pugs-A-Lot


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If your dog likes to pal around with Kingly types, then they may want to dress up as a Knight.

DIY types could create a masterpiece with their sewing machines for sure. I’ve even seen them knitted. If you aren’t crafty, take the easy street and buy a costume online.

You can get a Knight costume for dogs on Amazon here!

2. Hipster Musician


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If you’re a musician, maybe you want to complete your band with your Pug!

Of course, your dog’s first album was probably better.

You can get a Musician dog costume on Amazon here!

3. Georgie From It


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Horror fans! It doesn’t get scarier than dressing your dog like Georgie from It.

If you live in a wet climate, you may already have a yellow raincoat for your pup. Then all you need is a balloon and a creepy sewer!

You can find a yellow dog raincoat on Amazon here!

4. Bumble Bee


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I’ve seen so many Pugs dressed like bumble bees. Unlike regular bees, they seem to be multiplying more than ever!

There is no denying how cute they are. And they don’t even sting!

You can find a Bumble Bee costume for dogs on Amazon here!

5. A Vampire, Count Pugula


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Count Pugula is adorable. A black cape with the right collar is all you really need.

Luckily, your Pug probably just wants some yummy treats instead of your blood!

You can get a Vampire costume for dogs on Amazon here!

6. Gentleman Pug


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How cute is this handsome pooch?

If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you could hit a thrift store and alter a toddler suit. If you are busy with work, you could also just buy a costume.

You can find a Gentleman dog costume on Amazon here!

7. Pirate Pug


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Ahoy there, matey. How about going Pug pirate?

If your pooch is the swashbuckling type, this costume will be perfect!

You can find a Pirate costume for dogs on Amazon here!

8. Pug Shark


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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the living room.

This one might be great for a pup who loves to chomp and chew.

You can find a Shark costume for dogs on Amazon here!

9. Yoda


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Star Wars fans, meet the new Yoda. Pugs seem to have the perfect face for Yoda!

Are you excited for the new season of The Mandalorian? Your pup will be happy to celebrate with you!

You can get a Yoda dog costume on Amazon here!

10. Puggy Krueger


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This costume is terrifying. You don’t even need the claw. Any time I see a red and khaki green striped sweater I instantly think Freddy Krueger.

You can probably find a small sweater in a thrift store to alter. The hat is optional depending on your pooch.

You can find a dog Freddy Krueger costume on Amazon here!

A Few Things To Keep In Mind With Pug Costumes

Just remember that dogs do not dress up in the wild. They don’t celebrate holidays. A lot of dogs seem perfectly content dressing up and partying with their humans. Some appear utterly miserable.

Please don’t force your Pug to do anything they don’t want to do! If your pup doesn’t like wearing costumes, don’t force it. A simple bow-tie will make any Pug adorable with little to no discomfort.

Costumes should never limit mobility or vision. Be careful to avoid anything that wraps around the neck.

Avoid any costume that:

  • covers the face or impairs vision
  • could make your dog too hot
  • makes it difficult for your dog to walk or limits mobility
  • makes your pooch appear unhappy

Be safe and have a Happy Halloween!

Do you have a great Halloween costume idea for a Pug? Does your Pug like to dress up? Please post pictures in the comments below if your pup loves to wear costumes! We wanna see.

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