5 Ways To Spend Memorial Day With Your Dog

Memorial Day is Monday May 28th and every dog owner should spend that time off with their dog! If you’re not sure how to celebrate Memorial Day with your pup, we have a few ideas.

1. Sleep In

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Your dog would love to spend the morning laying in bed with you snoozing and receiving hugs, kisses and belly rubs. This still leaves you plenty of time to hit that Memorial Day BBQ with your friends.

2. Help Homeless Dogs

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June is Social Petworking month so you could take a little time on Monday to follow a few new rescue groups and start networking dogs with your friends and family. July 4th is a busy day for animal shelters and the more dogs you can help find homes for, the more dogs they will be able to help at the local shelter.

3. Spring Cleaning

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Memorial Day is a great day to do a little spring cleaning. Make sure chemicals and cleaners are out of reach of your pup. Throw away old toys or donate them to the local shelter. Take inventory of your dog’s gear. Is it time for a new water dish or leash? Take advantage of those Memorial Day sales and get your pup some new gear.

4. Grooming

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Memorial Day is a great day to give your dog a good grooming. Get out a brush and brush out that winter coat to help keep your dog nice and cool. Is it time to trim those nails? Express that anal gland! Give your pup the delux treatment on Memorial Day.

5. Get Your Learn On

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Education is key when it comes to being a better pet parent. If you have some time on Monday brush up on your dog knowledge online. Look up a recipe and make your dog a great. Find some recipes for herbal pest repellents to help your pup stay free from fleas and ticks. There’s so much to do and learn and Monday will be a great day to do just that.

How are you going to spend Memorial Day with your pup?