Former ‘Bachelor’ star to help control dog population

Prince Lorenzo Borghese isn’t just a former star of the reality-TV series The Bachelor, he’s also a prominent animal-rights advocate. Borghese is also the founder of The Royal Treatment Italian Spa, a website that sells everything from dog shampoo to stress-relieving chewable tablets.

Prince Lorenzo Borghese appeared on the ninth season of The Bachelor

In March, the Royal Pet Club will donate $2 from every new Royal Pet Club customer and 5 percent from of the profits from Royal Treatment products to a spay/neuter program. Partnering with the non-profit animal-rights agency Animal Aid, funds will go to approved veterinarians who can wave spay/neuter fees for dog owners who can least afford them.

Borghese, who appeared on the ninth season of The Bachelor, made the news late last year when helped expose a link between 100 New York pet stores to Midwest puppy mills. So-called puppy mills are notorious for their inhumane treatment of dogs. A hidden-camera investigation caught unsuspecting customers buying what they thought were animals from small private breeders, when in fact they were from such mills.