Mayday For Mutts: Help Mixed Breed Dogs Get Adopted!

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Mayday for Mutts is celebrated on the first Sunday of May. In 2021, that falls on May 2nd! It’s a day to spread the word about all the great things that mixed breed dogs have to offer, promote adoption from animal shelters, and show everyone that a dog’s individual personality matters more than their pedigree.

We also include senior dogs and dogs with special needs in this celebration because, like mutts, people overlook them more often and leave them behind in shelters without forever homes.

Purebred dogs deserve love, too, but mixed breed dogs make up about 75 percent of dogs in animal shelters, so they need a little bit of extra help in getting adopted, especially during Mayday for Mutts.

The demand for purebreds often causes puppy mills and backyard breeders to produce puppies for profit without concern for the well-being of the animals they exploit, and many of those animals end up getting dumped or put in shelters when they can’t be sold.

That’s one of the many reasons it’s so important to let people know that breed doesn’t matter when it comes to saving the life of a dog who will love you forever. You can help mutts find families and homes, save them from euthanasia or life in a shelter, and celebrate your own love for all things mutt on this special day.

Here are some things you can do for mixed breed dogs on Mayday for Mutts!

Tell People How Awesome Mutts Are

You probably have plenty of your own stories about a mixed breed dog — or maybe several mutts — who came into your life and gave you more love than you ever thought possible. It’s important to share those stories with friends and family, as well as on social media, to get the word out.

There are too many harmful myths about mixed breed dogs that are just untrue, and sharing your story can help dispel those myths.

Some people think that getting a purebred will guarantee that they’ll have a dog with a certain personality, or that they’ll be easier to train, or that they’ll have fewer behavioral issues. Sadly, many purebreds have ended up at shelters, too, because their former families didn’t get what they expected.

The best way to find a dog you can love, manage, and fit into your needs and lifestyle is to actually interact with dogs at the shelter, regardless of breed. Dogs are individuals, like people, and while breed can influence certain traits, it’s not the only factor that goes into a dog’s personality.

What’s So Great About Mixed Breed Dogs?

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Take some time to talk about mixed breed dogs on Mayday for Mutts, and explain what makes them so great.

Here are just a few things about mutts that we know and love:

  • Mutts are often healthier than purebreds. They have more variation in their lineage, which means that genetic diseases that come with recessive genes are more likely to be suppressed by dominant genes. Shelter dogs can get infectious diseases more easily because they stay in facilities with other dogs, but infectious diseases are often curable, or they can be vaccinated against. Genetic diseases are not as easily treatable or curable.
  • They’re cheaper than purebreds. Take a look at what breeders charge for purebreds, then look at what a dog from the shelter will cost. Breeders can charge thousands of dollars, while shelters usually only charge one to two hundred, maybe even less if they have a discount event or sponsor. Your adoption fee can cover vaccinations, spaying or neutering, microchipping, and much more. For all of that, you’re getting a bargain.
  • They have a lower chance of getting stolen. Dognappers target purebreds more often because they can sell those pups for a higher price.
  • Mixed breeds are more unique. You’ll have a dog who’s special to you and doesn’t look like anybody else’s dog.
  • Mutts often get the best traits from each of their parents’ breeds. They have a personality grab-bag that might be just what you’ve been looking for all along without even knowing it. That’s why it’s so important to play with dogs at the shelter and get to know them, rather than relying on breed stereotypes to inform your decision about which dog to bring into your home and family.

Volunteer At A Shelter

A great way to help dogs is to volunteer at a shelter. Some shelters even have Mayday for Mutts adoption events, and they may need the extra assistance. With shelter in place rules in effect around the country, many of these events have turned into online fundraisers, but shelters still need help.

Volunteering is a great way to help animals at the shelter, but you should always call ahead and ask what kind of help your local shelter needs and which positions are available. Many shelters have requirements for volunteers, too.

Even if you can’t work directly with the mutts and other animals at the shelter, you can still help promote your local shelter by sharing their adoptable animals on social media and holding fundraiser events or supply drives through your school, business, group, or club.

There are tons of ways to help, and mixed breed dogs will benefit from your effort by receiving the care they need and, potentially, meeting their forever families.

Spread The Word And Save Lives

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Most people you know probably haven’t heard about Mayday for Mutts, so spread the word. The more people we can get talking about mixed breeds dogs, the better chances are that we can get some mutts out of the shelters and into homes where they belong.

Use this day as an excuse to share posts on social media about adoptable mutts near you.

Consider fostering a mutt. They’ll benefit from the home life, exercise, and socialization, and even if you can’t adopt, maybe you’ll know someone who would love that dog’s personality and be able to take them home.

Let’s work together to make this Mayday for Mutts a success!

What other ways can people help mixed breed dogs on Mayday for Mutts? Do you have any great stories about mutts who meant a lot to you? Let us know in the comments below!