Travels with Casey: the story of America through our dogs

Benoit Denizet-Lewis, about to embark on a book about dogs in America

When the New York Times Magazine cover story, “Can the Bulldog Be Saved?”, came out late last year, animal advocates across the country murmured a collective thank you. The reason we were grateful? Writer Benoit Denizet-Lewis explored breeding gone wild in a way so many of us couldn’t: From the perspective of an unbiased dog lover searching for answers.

So I was thrilled to learn Denizet-Lewis’s journalistic relationship with the country’s canines will not end with the Bulldog article. (Hooray!) On February 10, the writer, along with his Golden Retriever mix Casey, begins a cross-country road trip in search of the story of America, as experienced through our undeniable connection to dogs.

And we’re invited to shape the itinerary! Denizet-Lewis is asking for help finding the most compelling or inspirational, typical or bizarre dogs — and their people —around the continental United States. Got a must-see or a must-meet? Go to Travels with Casey on Facebook, “like” the page, and post your suggestion on his wall.

Denizet-Lewis acknowledges it’s a daunting project, and he admitted he was nervous. I told him I understood, could imagine the pressure of capturing such a beloved and involved history, gathering all the material and combing it into something as revered and meaningful as the tale of our love for dogs. “Actually,” he said, “I meant I was nervous about the road-trip. I’ve never driven an RV before.”

I love the book already.

Stay tuned — we plan to check in regularly with Denizet-Lewis and Casey along the way; you can also keep up with the pair via twitter: @benoitdlewis.

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