Puppy Found Abandoned In Bucket Is Doing Well Thanks To Dog Aide

Casey the puppy had not been alive for very long but was already a survivor. Casey was found in a bucket on the front porch of an abandoned home in the city if Detroit by a man named Chavelle. Clavelle had three dogs of his own and depended on a rescue called Dog Aide to help him care for his dogs. The bucket simply had a sign on it saying “Free Puppy.” Clavelle knew who to call.

For people living in the city of Detroit, it is not uncommon to see hundreds of feral dogs running the streets, most who are looking for food or water and some who are injured and need medical attention immediately. There are other dogs who belong to people who have lost their jobs or have been under financial strain and cannot afford to care for their pets the way they should be. This is where Dog Aide comes in.

They didn’t know if Casey would survivie. (Photo Credit: Dog Aide)

When President of Dog Aide Jennifer Clarkson arrived and saw the condition of Casey, she was almost certain the pup would not make it. “Inside the bucket about the size of a water pail was an emaciated filth covered puppy that was shivering and laying on its side in vomit and feces,” Clarkson told us. “I wrapped him in a blanket and rubbed him and told him we would do everything we could to get him well and if not, we would love him and take care of him until he couldn’t fight any longer.”

Beyond everyone’s wildest dreams, Casey got healthier and stronger and was eventually adopted by a family that will love him for years to come. Had it not been for Chavelle and the Dog Aide team Casey might not be alive today.

Casey is doing well! (Photo Credit: Dog Aide)

There are no requirements to become a Dog Aide client other to have a dog and live within the city of Detroit. “We don’t ask for proof of financial distress, Detroit is largely a fairly financially distressed city, most people in the neighborhoods we visit have evident need,” said Clarkson, “We do require that all dogs in our program (those that receive long term assistance) be spayed or neutered and we will help the family achieve that. It is obviously part of our focus of healthy animals and decreased population but it also shows us once again the client buy in.”

Overall the mission of Dog Aide is clear: to help the people of the city of Detroit care for their animals with the proper education and supplies that they otherwise may not be able to afford. “We get to meet people who are eager to better the life of their pet and we get to help make that pet’s life better,” said Clarkson, “We feel our program can be part of the rebirth of the city and we are glad to be allowed to play our part.”

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