Celebrity dogs that shocked us

Dog owners sometimes have a knack for picking pups that mirror their personalities — and even their looks. Is it any surprise that Paris Hilton has Chihuahuas? Or that cute ‘n’ cuddly teen stars Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber adopted a cute ‘n’ cuddly Husky mix puppy?

But sometimes celebrities throw you a curve ball. Here are a couple of stars who surprised us with their choice of canine companions:

Kristen Stewart: Now that Breaking Dawn Part 1 is out, we all know that (spoiler alert!) Bella is legally on Team Edward. So we were a bit shocked to hear that in real life, Kristen is more of a Team Jacob kinda girl. The actress’s mother actually raises wolf-dog hybrids, and Kristen has a special kinship with the oldest male, Jack. She told David Letterman about the not-so-vicious pup, “He’s really sweet. He, like, falls at my feet.”

Angelina Jolie: Angie strikes us as more of a cat person — sleek and refined — than one who would choose a slobbering dog, but then again, she has six children. Drool is probably the least of her cleanliness problems. Still, we were surprised to learn that a Bulldog named Jacques is part of the Pitt-Jolie clan. Fat, wrinkly and lovable? Not exactly the words that come to mind when we think of Angelina, but we understand why she loves Jacques!

Jessica Biel and her Pit Bull, Tina

Jessica Biel: You’d think a pretty actress dating a pretty ex-boy bander (Justin Timberlake) would be the mother of a sweet Golden Retriever or fluffy Maltese, right? Not Jess! This gal hangs with her Pit Bull, Tina. Pit Bulls have a reputation as an aggressive breed, but the rap is largely unjustified, as their temperament is primarily a product of their environment. With Tina’s cushy lifestyle and loving mom, we imagine she’s a perfect Pit Bull stereotype-buster.