Save a Dog App Leads to Real Fostering, Volunteering

German Shepherd Dog Jax, Dawn Armstrong’s virtual and real-life foster.

When the DogTime team developed its Save a Dog and Save a Cat applications for Facebook, our goal was to raise money for shelters all over the country. We also hoped to raise awareness about the plight of homeless animals and provide caring humans with the chance to make a difference.

Dawn Armstrong has embraced the Save a Dog mission with such compassion and generosity, we are honored thrilled to share her story. She sends us this report of her virtual-foster-turned-real-foster tale:

I haven’t adopted a dog yet from Save a Dog, but because of it, I started to volunteer with one of the rescue organizations on Save a Dog. And, I am now fostering a special needs dog for them.

Last fall and into the winter I was virtually adopting dogs from RAGS (Rescue A German Shepherd) in Hales Corners, Wisconsin, via Save a Dog. I would virtually foster a dog named Connor quite often.Finally, one day in December I contacted RAGS to ask about Connor. Low and behold, he had been adopted! That was great, although I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to meet him.

I was told that there were a few other dogs I could meet if I was interested. I did go to meet those dogs and even though it didn’t lead to an adoption, I kept in touch with the rescue and in January started to volunteer with RAGS rescue. I have also volunteered with other rescues in the past but RAGS is close to where I live and there are plenty of activities for me to assist with.

About a month and a half after I started volunteering, the word was out about a German Shepherd Dog in Nebraska that needed a home, and quickly. He had only so many days to find a home or rescue. On top of that (as if that isn’t bad enough) he is a special needs dog as well. He has Megaesophagus, which means he needs a little extra care.

Fate took over and things played out perfectly where we got him to Wisconsin via my husband who is an over-the-road truck driver. I took over the foster parent duties. The dog walked in my door like it was his home and hasn’t thought twice. It’s taken some tweaking to work out his special needs but we have it under control and he has turned out to be the wonder dog! So now I get to virtually foster my real foster dog! It’s an interesting concept and one I wish to continue.

We are still looking for a home for this beauty but until that time comes, he will be loved and cared for here.