Spot’s Chews | Natural dental dog treats by Halo

Lindsey & Kaya starring in Halo's Spot Chews

These days pet lovers have so many healthy alternatives to pet food and treats that are processed with artificial flavors, preservatives and coloring that it really doesn’t make sense to give your dog anything else.

Spot's Chews by Halo Halo is at the top of my list for healthy food and treats because:

1. They use only ingredients that come from plant, animal or mined sources (none of that nasty stuff)

2. The dogs love the flavor

3. They use a portion of their profits to help homeless pets

As you can see from the drive-in movie pictured above, Kaya was so smitten with Spot’s Chews that she nearly knocked Lindsey off her feet in her attempts to snag another one. The entire crew likes to take their treats and settle into their favorite hang-out nooks for a satisfying chew-session.

Little does the gang know that they’re cleaning their teeth and freshening their breath with each chomp. Yay! Joey favors the pumpkin flavored treats (they smell like cinnamon), which is super since pumpkin makes Joey’s poo less enticing to Shakespeare.

You can purchase a package of 7 minty or pumpkin flavored Spot’s Chews for $9.99 on Be sure to visi tHalo’s Coupon pagefor special offers before you shop!

Halo gives back!

HALO, Purely for Pets donates a minimum of 1/2% of their sales to the Halo Pet Foundation.

The Foundation uses the funds to educate people on responsible pet ownership, eliminating animal abuse and reducing the over population of uncared for pets. Love it!

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