Spot’s Stew by Halo | Holistic food for dogs and cats

Pet Product Review – Spot’s Stew by Halo | Holistic food for dogs and cats

Halo Spot's Stew dry and canned

The Halo team, which includes co-owner Ellen DeGeneres (one of my favorite people), is truly passionate about their mission to provide pet owners with “…honest information and wholesome products…,” and it shows. Halo is the only leading pet food brand who uses only fresh meat, and the only brand awarded the National Canine Cancer Foundation Seal of Excellence, for their premium, real-food ingredients.

Braveheart dreaming of Spot's Stew for cats
As a reward for taking her FeLV medicine, we began giving Indy a little “wet” food each night. Of course we couldn’t leave her brothers out of the action, and so our wet food treat-time was born. Even though Indy no longer needs medication, the evening ritual has continued. We’ve tried different brands of canned food over the years, but the cats have turned their noses up to every brand except Fancy Feast. Until now…
The minute the can of Spot’s Stew hit the kitchen table, Braveheart began inhaling the chicken, shrimp and crab flavored delight. When Shakespeare, our Great Dane, foolishly leaned in to get a whiff, he was greeted with a hiss, and a near miss air-swipe.
After his meal, Braveheart curled up and nodded off to dreamland where he undoubtedly saw visions of winged cans of Spot’s Stew fill the celestial sky. 5 paws up for Spot’s Stew for cats!
Joey levitating Spot's Stew for dogsNow for the dogs… I put a little of the canned Spot’s Stew Lamb Recipe on top of the lamb dry food. He was so excited, he managed to scoot his “non-skid” dog dish from one side of the kitchen to the other. Now that’s a first for Joey! He was equally enthusiastic about the chicken, beef and salmon flavors.
After he’d finished, my daughter and I watched in amazement as he sat himself in front of the counter where the can of Spot’s Stew was sitting, waiting to be placed in the fridge. He eyed it with such intensity, we wondered if something in the new food had awakened some latent telekinetic power in Joey and he was willing the can to fall to the floor.
Even though no mystical doggy powers were unleashed as a result of eating Spot’s Stew, Joey gave both Spot’s Stew dry and canned foods a winning 5 paw score!
Food for thought: At, you’ll find the ingredient list for each of their products along with some great consumer info about how to read pet food labels and which ingredients we should steer clear of. Love the website and the company!

You can purchase Spot’s Stew in a variety of flavors for cats and dogs at They also carry supplements, natural treats and grooming supplies.

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