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Pet Product Review: Personalized Bandana by

K9design_thumb is a 2 person business run by a lady named Betty and her husband Wayne. They pride themselves on providing high quality products and the best customer service around. Their company started 18 years ago with just the making of dog bandanas and has grown to provide their customers with a wide variety of k9 products for bothdog and owner.

I can’t think of a better way to jazz up my dogs looks than by putting a bandana around his neck. He seems to enjoy it too, he prances around with his head held high! Ifhe could talkI am sure he’d be saying, “look at me”! sent us a beautiful personalized bandana, perfect for my dog. With well over 150 designs to choose from I was able to pick outa bandanato suitmy dogs personality. Actually, with their great prices I can also pick out a different bandana to make my dog stand out at every holiday.
I was impressed with the quality and the looks of the bandana I received, but even more than that,I could not believe how quickly I got the bandana in the mail. I ordered it on a Friday afternoon and it came in the mail on Monday, now that is impressive customer service!
You can order your personalized bandana from The bandanas come in four different sizes and start at $11.95.
5 Paw RatingWe give 5 paws up for both product and customer service!

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