The EatBetter Bowl by Contech

Pet Product Review: The EatBetter Bowl by Contech



I have an 18 week old puppy named Polar. Polar tends to what I call inhale his food, I don’t think he even chews. He eats so fast that he often chokes or coughs when he is eating. I knew this couldn’t be good, but what I didn’t know is all the problems it can cause. After doing a little bit of research I found that eating this fast can cause vomiting, bloat and poor absorption of nutrients, just to name a few of the concerns. These issues, as you can imagine, can lead to a whole other set of problems.

After reading about this I was on a mission to help my dog slow down while he eats. I stumbled across the EatBetter Bowl by Contech and had to give it a try. It is a bowl with a raised wishbone shape in the center creating three different sections in the same bowl. The center design causes your pup to have to work harder to get his food, therefore slowing down the eating process.
I timed my dog eating out of his regular bowl and then I timed him eating the same amount out of his new EatBetter Bowl and was quite surprised at the difference in time. Eating out of his regular bowl he ate all of his food in one minute and one second, eating out of his EatBetter Bowl that time increase to one minute thirty six seconds. That is quite an increase time!! Hopefully, this will significantly decrease my dogs chance for bloat, vomiting or any of the other problems that can be caused by dogs “inhaling food”.
5 Paw Rating A very thankful 5 paws up for the EatBetter Bowl!

The EatBetter Bowl comes is three different colors and three different sizes which range in price from $19.99 to $34.99 and can be purchase directly off the Contech website

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