Valentine inspired Scratch ‘n Shapes by Imperial Cat

Pet Product Review – Valentine inspired Scratch ‘n Shapes by Imperial Cat

Buddha & Scratch 'n' Shape Candy Stripe Design

Honestly, any product that deters my cats from clawing the furniture is welcome in this house! We’ve had such great results with Scratch ‘n’ Shapes in the past, testing one of their new valentine inspired designs was a no-brainer.

Scratch 'n' Shape Love Bug Design
Imperial Cat has come out with 3 new Scratch ‘n’ Shape designs just in time for Valentine’s Day gift giving: a sweet X & O pink print, a colorful Valentine confetti design and a candy stripe pattern. They’ve also added the adorable Love Bug design (left), to their collection.
The honeycomb texture seems to draw the cats like moths to a flame. After partaking of the premium catnip that came with the scratcher, Buddha made himself right at home. He not only likes to claw the scratcher but for some reason he really likes to lie on the (100% recycled) cardboard. I’m going to surround my living room couch with Scratch ‘n’ Shapes. I’m sure the posse will get a big laugh out of my futile efforts.
Scratch ‘n’ Shapes come in a multitude of colors and designs; sell for $5.95 to $119.95; and can be purchased online at and You can also check Imperial Cat’s “Where to buy” page for retailers in your area. Made in the USA!

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