Olive Green Goods – Organic Pizza Treats, Berry Treats and Eco-friendly Poop Bags

Pet Product Review – Olive Green Goods – Organic Pizza Treats, Berry Treats and Eco-friendly Poop Bags


Believe it or not, testing dog treats for the Secret Shopper can be a labor intensive job since the doggone boss always expects the reviewers to earn their keep by performing tricks or posing for the camera. Ahh, but what a small price to pay when you get a treat that tastes like pizza!
Human pizza is a doggy no-no in our house. Onions are B-A-D for dogs so getting their very own pizza flavored treat is a happy day indeed. The fellows loved the My Oh My Pizza Pie treats and the Little Berry Bites. The wanted more, more, MORE of these 100% natural, doggy delights! These cute mini cookies make a perfect sized training treat too. Also available in Happy Apple Snaps and Nutty ‘Nanners flavors. $8.50 for a 7 oz. bag at olivegreendog.com.
Olive UniSex Poop BagsEvery dog’s gotta do “it” so why not help Mother Earth out by picking “it” up with some biodegradable poop bags? Here’s a little factoid from the Olive Green Goods site, “US dogs produce enough waste to fill an 800-foot-tall football field every year and plastic bags can take over 100 years to decompose.”
The poo is biodegradable so why ruin a good thing by putting it in a plastic bag? I love the festively decorated, reusable canister that the Poop Bags come in. I might just store the bags elsewhere and use it as a treat “jar!” $9.99 for a canister of 50 bags at olivegreendog.com.

Visit the Olive Green Goods website to browse a wide variety of eco-friendly supplies for dogs including beds, shampoo, collars and much more!

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