Farm Dog’s Salvation Healing Salve & Natural Dog Wellness Products

Pet Product ReviewFarm Dog’s Salvation healing salve & natural dog wellness products

Farm Dog - natural dog wellness products
Farm Dog is a sustainable dog wellness company out to educate people in environmentally responsible dog ownership. 98% of all of their ingredients and packaging are sourced within the USA (mainly Elmwood, TN). They support small farms and sustainable sources first. An interesting fact from the site: “For every $1 spent at a local business, 45 cents is reinvested locally; for every $1 spent at a corporate chain, only 15 cents is reinvested locally!”
Applying Farm Dog's Salvation salve to Joey's pads
We sampled the Salvation salve ($15.99), an anti-yeast salve great for everyday sore paw pads, eczema, crusts, contact dermatitis, mild itching and it can make a crusty nose smooth in just 4 days! Easy to apply, it has a nice, fresh smell and instantly conditioned and softened Joey’s dry pads. I know this product is for dogs only but I couldn’t resist trying some on my own ashy elbows, it worked great! Very friendly service with a focus on the well-being of our pets and Mother Earth, I love this company!
Farm Dog also makes handmade, whole food Biscuits ($8.99 – $17.99), Relief – pet urine & eco cleaner ($11.99), Restore – anti-itch and wound care salve ($18.99) and Artisan candles made with essential oils and soy wax poured into handmade, clay containers ($11.99).

SS bonus find – Farm Dog donates 2% from each sale to, a Pro-Earth Eco-Charity whose purpose is to better our environment. They “are improving natural and urban forests, improving water quality, filtering pollutants from the air, and saving energy by planting trees and providing education about the environment.”

Buy a shirt and you plant a tree!

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