Farm Dog Relief – Pet Urine & Eco Cleaner

Pet Product Review – Farm Dog Relief – Pet Urine & Eco Cleaner

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Farm Dog Relief - Pet Urine & Eco Cleaner
When you order a Relief Pet Urine & Eco Cleaner Starter Kit from Farm Dog, you’ll receive a sprayer, a spray bottle (made from recycled milk jugs) and a vial filled with concentrated cleaning solution. You simply pour the solution into the bottle, add water to the fill line, attach the sprayer, shake and use. Both the bottle and glass vial are reusable and, by adding your own water, you save natural resources that would have been used in transporting the water from here to there. Gotta love a company who goes out of their way to protect the planet!
Farm Dog Relief RefillsFarm Dog’s founder, Rita Hogan, told me I could use the non-toxic cleaner anywhere and everywhere including on the dog, so I did!. Joey now smells like a refreshing walk in a mountain forest instead of wet dog. The Relief Cleaner cut through some stains that were right in front of the doggy door (this is after I had shampooed the same spot the day before), and it performed just as well as my usual household cleaners on the kitchen sink, kitchen counters and the entire bathroom, including the mirrors. I’m impressed!
5 Paw Rating 5 paws up for Farm Dog Relief Pet Urine & Eco Cleaner!

The Relief Cleaner Starter Kit costs $11.99; Relief refills – $7.99 for a single bottle / $44.99 for a pack of 6 bottles, and can be purchased at along with other great eco-friendly products.

Farm Dog's Full Circle Program

SS bonus find – Farm Dog’s “Full Circle Program” gives all of us an opportunity to make a difference by sending back our used Farm Dog product packaging so that Farm Dog can use it again. You can either pay to ship the packaging to them or, once you have the minimum number of items shown on their Full Circle page, they will send you a prepaid mailer.

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