Leather Embroidered Collar by Hot Dog Collars

Product Review:Leather Embroidered Collar by Hot Dog Collars


These personalized leather “Simple Solid” collars by Hot Dog Collars are made of a VERY soft and flexible leather. Sure to be comfortable for your pooch. My dogs constantly have their collars on so a good durable yet comfortable collar is very important to me. Well, these collars are extremely durable AND come with a stainless steel buckle closure, which is a huge plus in my book! It can sometimes be hard to find a good, stylish collar with the buckle style closure. For whatever reason my dogs seems to break the plastic clip style closures quite easily, so this is a must for me. The collars come in several different colors, you can choose what color you would like the text to be and you can even add a decorative border or art symbol. I ordered the purple collar with white embroidery and couldn’t be more impressed with the color, it is a deep rich purple, not the flashy bright purple that you sometimes see. I love it!

Collars start at $19.99 and there is still time to order for the holidays! You can order online at HotDogCollars.com

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