Nutrient Rich Tripe Treats for Dogs by Petkind

Pet Product Reviews – Nutrient rich Tripe Treats for dogs by Petkind

Petkind Tripe Treats for dogs

Sydney with her Green Beef Tripe Treat

Before receiving samples of Tripe Treats from the kind folks at Petkind, I had no idea how nutritious tripe was or how crazed it makes our dogs! It may be stinky but it’s packed with nutrients: Omega 3 fatty acids, Omega 6 fatty acids, enzymes, phytonutrients and probiotics. Shakespeare and Joey freak-out when I open the package of Green Lamb Tripe Treats. And, as I sit here typing my review, little Buddha-kitty is desperately trying to pry open the package, but then Buddha has always marched to thebeat of a different can opener.

Sydney giving Kaya the evil eye

Lindsey had this to say about the Green Beef Tripe Treats, “Kaya and Sydney smelled the Tripe Treats as soon as I opened the bag and they were putty in my hands. They both devoured the treats immediately but Sydney took an extreme liking to this treat. She finished hers much quicker than Kaya and I was forced to give her another (see photo of both dogs – notice the jealousy in her eyes). After they both finished the treats Sydney patrolled the area where they ate the treats licking anywhere the scent remained. Even after that, she laid at the foot of the counter where the bag sat for hours!”

Secret Shopper pet product reviewsStocking stuffer approved by the Secret Shopper – Stuff a bag of these in your dog’s stocking and she’ll never question the existence of Santa Paws again!

Secret Shopper best buy – 5 oz resealable bag of Green Beef Tripe with ChickenTreats $6.99 | 6 oz resealable bag ofGreen Lamb Tripe with ChickenTreats $8.49 | Tripett canned tripe (in a variety of flavors) $1.19 – $1.75 at

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