Haute Dog Vegan, All Natural, Charitable Bath & Beauty Products

Pet product review – Haute Dog vegan, all natural, charitable bath & beauty products

Haute Dog Beauty Supplies

Haute Dog Beauty Supplies

Haute Dog Grooming Products

The Haute Dog line of vegan, all natural, charitable grooming products was started by Molly Meredith who had achieved success in the medical, human skin care field. Her lifelong love of dogs inspired her to create grooming products containing ingredients that rival any of the best selling human spa products. A shelter volunteer and mother to her own brood of rescues, she generously donates 5% of her company’s proceeds directly to animal charity. She also works with her hometown shelter, providing a bottle of Haute Dog shampoo to every shelter pup who finds a forever home!

Haute Dog Finishing Gloss Drops
Jade and Mason’s owner, Kathleen, was very pleased with the results she achieved after sampling the Easy Ears ear cleaner, Bright Eyes eye cleaner, Flea Free repellant and New Noir coat booster, “The ear and eye cleaners worked really well! Our dogs actually sat still and lapped up the attention during their Haute Dog spa time. We don’t have many fleas in Colorado but the flea repellant was easy to apply and has a fresh, clean smell, just like the ear cleaner. I would definitely use these products in the future.”
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Haute Dog products include shampoos, conditioners, aromatherapy tonics, cleansers, moisturizers and bath powders. They sell for $7 to $33 and can be purchased online at Haute Dog Shop.com.

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