Book Review: bark. run. nap. repeat. by Storybuilders

Pet Product Book Review: Book Review: bark. run. nap. repeat. by Storybuilders

By Guest Blogger Jocelyn

bark. run. nap. repeat.

The review panel would like to thank Carolyn at Storybuilders for sending out bark. run. nap. repeat.!

Khan on bark. run. nap. repeat.

My kids, like all kids I am sure, are always excited to get packages in the mail and this package was no exception. The book, bark. run. nap. repeat., is customizable so it had a picture of our dog, Khan, on the front cover. My kids were so thrilled that he made the cover of a book! Of course, they wanted me to read the book about “Khan” to them and much to their surprise the book was interactive. They were able to get creative and build their own dog park and even design their own breed of dog. They laughed and giggled and were entertained for quite some time, they LOVED it!

Near the back of the book there is a section that asks all kinds of questions about your dog and even a few pages where you can keep a journal or write whatever you would like about your dog. This section, along with the customized letter on the back of the book, is exceptionally special to us. Not too long before we received this book we found out that Khan has a terminal cancer. My kids have quite nicely filled out this section with their greatest memories of our Khan. This is going to be a fantastic keepsake for our family!

You can purchase bark. run. nap. repeat. online at, the book retails for $21.95.

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