Book Review: Lucky Me by Christi Drue Dunlap

Pet Product Book Review: Lucky Me by Christi Drue Dunlap


When you have small children it is ever so important to teach them how to behave around dogs. ESPECIALLY if you are thinking about making the comitment of bringing one home. Lucky Me by Christy Drue Dunlap is a fun guide to help parents teach their children how to behave around animals, weather they are yours or not.


As a parent of three young children with a new puppy and in the market to get another puppy I found this book phenomenal! My kids were intrigued from the begining. As I was reading it to them for the first time they were imitating things that the book suggests. It reinforced rules that have already been set and taught them (and me) some new ones.

Christi has a true gift of being able to captivate even the youngest of readers. The book is narrated by a Pug named Rocky which, I think, got my kids attention right away. My 2 year old runs to me clutching the book repeating the word, “Wocky, Wocky”, which is 2 year old talk for Rocky, when she wants me to read it. There is a page near the end of the book that has the names and pictures of all the different animals photographed in the book. As I read the book more and more my kids shout out the names of the animals as I read.

You can pick up a copy of Lucky Me at Barnes and Nobel, Borders,, or many other book stores for around $15. A portion of all proceeds are donated to the Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA.

5 Paw RatingLucky Me gets a 5 paw rating from our family!
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