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Pet Product Review -Bumi By West Paw Design

By Guest Blogger: Jocelyn

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The Bumi by West Paw Design is a great, extremely durable toy for dogs. Not only is it flexible and easy to throw, but it floats so it isan excellent choicefor water loving pups as well. My American Bulldog, Lucia, took quickly to this toy, she loves to play fetch and tug-o-war with it. The best part of playing tug-o-war with the Būmi is it stretches to twice its length without ripping or tearing and then bounces right back to its original shape. Lucia is a powerful chewer so I constantly supervise her while she is playing with this toy, or any other toy for that matter. The Bumi is made from 100% recyclable material and comes with a great replacement guarantee!

5_paws_thumbThe Bumi receives a 5paw rating from the panel.

The Bumi can be purchased in 2 different sizes 8″ or 10″ and is available online at http://www.westpawdesign.com/catalog/dogs/dog-toys/eco-friendly-dog-toys/eco-friendly-products/bumi and retails for $10.00 – $14.00

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