Video Review: Pet Cooling Bandana by Body Cooler

Video Review: Pet Cooling Bandana by Body Cooler


Body Cooler

Polar and his Cooling Bandana

Many of you saw my post a few weeks ago about thePet CoolingMat by Body Cooler. Thisweek it’s a cooling product by the same company, The Cooling Bandana. I just adore these products! They are not only easy to use, but reusable AND easy to store.

With the Cooling Bandana my dog can still go about his business, while feeling the frosty effects of this hankie. It’s the third hottest summer in Colorado history so keeping cool (and hydrated) is a necessity. One of the big pluses of this product is the fact that it is portable, my dog doesn’t have to sit still to enjoy it. I have even been putting on my dog, Polar, before we go out for our daily jog.

When I first put this cooling device on my dog he wasn’t quite sure what to think, he kept trying to bite it off. He has now seemingly grown to like the effectiveness of the collar as he waits patiently for me to put it on.

Watch the Cooling Bandana by Body Cooler in action in our video review:

The Cooling Bandana is available off the Body Cooler website, it starts at $9 comes in 6 different color patternsand three different sizes.

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